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Whats a good day for ebay?


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When flogging anything on ebay (vinyl and beyond)

Always find myself  wondering whats the best day to try and select for the auction to end

Choosing the timing fairly easy yep?  I try and go for 7-9 pm uk time

Choosing the days a bit harder, 

Sunday night?  monday  -thursday nights? avoid friday and saturday?

Only a very casual seller myself nowadays so be interested in views etc from the floor

what says you... ?


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I remember a documentary on TV a fair few years back and they reckoned the best time was either Sunday evening, or midday on Thursday. I can understand the Sunday evening, but could never get to grips with Thursday. (Maybe that was when people ordered stuff they needed for the weekend?) I did try the Thursday once and unfortunately I can't remember if it was any good or not.

I think the docomentary was called "money for old rope", where the presenter listed a piece of old rope, sold it, and followed up the sale with a visit to the buyer.


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Good one this Mike ,

and I happen to be listing stuff on eBay right now but not vinyl. 

As I'm the Site Manager of a large Primary School in London, we always have various stuff we want to get rid of .

Some of which I try and recycle to local charities but most I put on eBay, usually with a ending time of Sunday evening , as I've always found this to be optimum viewing and best for bids. Makes the school some nice return on a lot of stuff most schools would take to the dump. Schools here are notorious for just throwing stuff away.   

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when i did sell of some stuff, a few years ago, i found it better to have the end time on the Sunday closest to the end of the month.

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Sunday for auctions any time for BIN and keep relishing as a 7 day listing is what I do.


same question could be asked for selling on here best success I have had is fri evening but others might be different ?

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