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2.00 to 2.30 - Pete Sumner

The Cheers - I made up my mind
Brown Sugar - Game is over
Johnny Watson - It's better to cry
Joe Valentine - I lost the only love I had
Barbara Stant - My mind holds on to yesterday
Marie 'Queenie' Lyons - See and dont see
Joni Adams - Las Vegas
King Diamond - Black woman
Ron and the Embracers - You came into my heart
Lovations - I keep singing la la la ooh
Alder Ray - I need you baby

2.30 to 3.00 - Ady Crampton

Frank Dell - Taxi
J B Bingham - All alone by the telephone
Spaceark - Everybody's trying
Rub and the mudflaps - Country girl
100 Proof aged in Soul - Ghetto girl
Cane & Able - Found a child
Body & Soul - Stoned soul picnic
Royal Esquires - Ain't gonna run

3.00 to 3.30 - Steve Wileman

James Patterson - Silent
Theola Gildgore - It's gonna be alright
Rita Johns - A little bit of love
Louise Freeman - How could you run away
Unknown artist - I'm so glad (covered up)
Gwen McRae - Lead me on
Freddie Paris - Face it boy it's over
Sophisticates - I really hope you do
Festivals - You've got the makings of a lover
Bobby Womack - I don't wanna be hurt by your love again
Pretenders - I call it love

3.30 to 4.30 - Steve Burke

George Jackson - Macking of you
Dream team - There he is
Quinn Harris - I'll always love you
Freddy Butler - That's when I need you
The Fantastics - We got good lovin
Gene Middleton & the Funk Factory - No one to love me
Sidney Joe Qualils - Where the lillies grow
Players - Why did i lie
Three shades of love - Being in love
Ceasars - Lala I lo you
Shirley Wahls - Why am I cryin
Porgy and the Monarchs - That's my girl
Voice Masters - If a woman catches a fool
Coke Escavado - Make it sweet
Philharmonics - I need, I need your love
Strutt - Said you didn't love him
California Flight Project - Do you feel my love
Brown Sugar - I'm going though changes now
Bobby Womack - Tried and convicted

4.30 to 5.30 - Mark Hopes

Dusty Wilson - Gonna be a tragedy
Earles - Everybody got some body
Charles Holiday - Don't lie
Kings of Soul - Is your love for me
Volumes - I've never been so in love
Cal Green - I'll give you just a little more time
Camaro's - We're not to young to fall in love
Tommy Ridgley - My loves getting stronger
Court Davis - Try to think
Soul Incorporated - My proposal
Arthur Willis - The hurting is over
Forston and Scott - Sweet lover
Lynn Varnado - Wash and wear love
Chuck Holiday - Just can't trust nobody
Emit Long - Call me
Glen Miller - Where is love
Black Essence 2001 - Change in my life
Jeanie Tracey - Making new friends
Natural Impulse - She went away
Curtis Anderson - It's the hardest part
Seville - Show me the way
Mojoba - Say you will

5.30 to 6.30 - Wayne Arbon

Eula Cooper - Try
Roosevelt Mathews - You got me diggin you
Terri Bryant - Everything's wonderful
Earles Inc - Just an illusion
Christian Plicque - Hot foxy woman
Sweet mixture - House of fun and love
Cold Smoke feat: Charley Perkins - Don't fall in love
Barbara St Clair - Teacherman
The Superbs - Where or when
Chuck Stephens - Paying for your love
Cynthia Brown - Heaven must have sent you
Cam Cameron - They say
Bernard Smith - Never gonna let you go
Exsaveyons - I don't love you no more
The differences - Five minutes
Vivian Copeland - I don't care what he's done
The Enchanted Five - Your love comes slower than ever
Shirley Caeser - Stand the storm
Phil Brown and Gods Earth with Love - I know he's watching
Enlightment - Up and away

6.30 to 7.00 - Pete Sumner

Bob & Gene - I really really love you
George Hobson - Let it be real
Ascots - Just a few feet from the gutter
Four Tracks - Like my love for you
Dynells - Call on me
Matt Brown - Thank you baby
Masqueraders - I ain't gonna stop
Idris Mohammed - I'm a believer
Don Scott - Love with me
Fourth Day - You turn me on
Supremes - Where do I go from here

7.00 to 7.30 - Ady Crampton

Brothers Unlimited - Got to get over
Skip Cunningham - Have we met before
Caress - I just want to spend my life with you
Ruby and the Mudflaps - Is that enough
Carol Dionne - I'm in love with you
Rainbow Brown - It ain't no big thing
Midnight - Keep on walking by
Anthony White - Never let you get away from me

7.30 to 8.00 - Steve Wileman

Little Royal - That's my desire
Margie Joseph - I can't move no mountains
Donnel Brown - With love we'll make it
Jesse Butler - Let my love bring out the woman in you
New Sounds - Having you around
Patsy and Lynn Tait - The man is two faced
R L Burnside - It's bad you know
Beverly Brown - Don't break my heart
Ben E King - I betcha didn't know that
Prophets - I don't love you no more
Miracles - Save me
Eugene Record - Overdose of joy

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Excellent playlists, and good to see Wayne at it again.

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