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My playlis from Route 61 Sheffield on 9 March, 10 - 11pm


My playlist from ROUTE 61 Sheffield on 9 March, 10.00pm - 11.00pm

Servicemen - Sweet Magic     Chartmaker
Cody Black - I'm Slowly Molding     King promo
Carol Anderson - Taking My Mind Off Love     Whip
Turley Richards - I Feel All Right     Columbia promo
George Blackwell - Can't Lose My Head     Smoke
Little Tommy - Baby Can't You See     Sound Of Soul
Constellations - I Don't Know About You    Gemini
Ellusions - You Didn't Have To Leave     Lamon
Frank Dell - He Broke Your Game Wide Open     Valise
Invitations - Watch Out Little Girl      MGM promo
Ronnie McNeir - Sitting In My Class     De To
Jimmy Jones - 39-21-40 Shape     Bell promo
Blue Sharks - These Things Will Keep Me Loving You       Gran Prix
Incredibles - There's Nothing Else To Say       Stateside demo
Pat Lewis - Look What I Almost Missed      Solid Hit
BlueBeaters - Catch That Teardrop      Record Kicks
Roy Hamilton - She Makes Me Wanna Dance      MGM promo
Clarence Reid - I'm Your Yes Man      Wand
Satisfactions - Take It Or Leave It      Smash promo
Ed Crook - That's Alright      Tri-Sound
Loretta Williams - Baby Cakes      Jotis promo
Fury's - I'm Satisfied With You      Keyman
Ernie and Ed - Indication      Jay Boy
Johnny Honeycutt - I'm Coming Over      Triode
Herman Lewis - Who's Kissing You Tonite?     Stone Blue

Thanks Fozzie for the invite, a great little club and fabulous people, always enjoy the underplayed OV music policy.

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