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TMG 560 Supremes - Love is like a itching in my heart/He's all I


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Hi All

Not sure if this is the right "Forum" Please correct me if i'm wrong

Can anyone help  me with an UK Tamla Motown query I have?

"TMG 560 Supremes - Love is like a itching in my heart/He's all I've Got".

There appears to be 2 presses of this according to Discogs, although they both show the same release date.

I recently purchased this one -  7” 45 RPM, Single, 4 point centre, shown here on Discogs:


but the one I have been sent appears to be this one  7", Single, which is shown here on Discogs:


It looks like they both have the “Flat back G” but other than that, on the 4 prong press, one of the prongs lines up with the “4”.

Does this make a difference? 

Discogs appears to show a wide difference in the price of each.

I’ve had a look on popsike and it dosen’t seem to matter which Press but price depends on the condition of either Press of the 45.

If anyone could shed any light on this for me, or knows a man that can, I'd be grateful?

Atached is a picture of the one I have been sent

many thanks



TMG 560 - Supremes - Love is like a itching in my heart.JPG

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Many UK T/Mot 45's were pressed up over an extended period by EMI from 66 to around 1970 ... Motown fans discovering old UK released 45's and requesting copies from their local record shop + extended club plays for many releases meant the demand for numerous T/Mot went on for an extended period.

I would guess this single falls into that category ...

... I BELIEVE .. that if any UK copies of TMG560 exist without the 'SOLD IN THE UK SUBJECT TO ..' notation, then they will be later pressed items ...

.... anyone know the date when EMI dropped this text from their 45 releases ?? 



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The Sold in Uk Subject , was discontinued in July 1969. the last release to include this was TMG 703 Jimmy Ruffin .thats John sorted . Now for Miss Dusty ! 

the first presses with what you refer to the flatpack G font where issued by Ikea { joke ] from March 1965 to March 1967 ,then round or stubbier font ,changed typeset ran from  march 1967 to july 1969. first font ran from TMG501 to TMG600 .Second font ran from TMG 600 to TMG703.

Released on May 13 th1966 your TMG 560 should have the flat font ,which it does ! . So your ok ! OK, anomalies may occur .,but with 500 plus series its all about condition ,condition, condition ,, variations in typset to me are not the priority ,but honest True gradings are vital in todays rocketing early TMG prices ,.Discogs does not feature the exact disc you are buying just a generic scan . Even on  lowprice items always ask the dealer for scans of lables and vinyl,its so easy ,some .sellers just dont know how to grade. John Manship is an example of a Master of the grading system . My brain hurts now I need a lie down . LOL johnny Malaga ,Spain.

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Thank you all for your replies, especially John.

I can sleep happily in my bed tonight!!!

I've also just received a copy of Terry Wilson's Book " Tamla Motown - The Stories Behind The UK Singles"

So that's my bedtime reading also sorted.

thanlks again


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