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Lee, there is a great scene in Dublin that is far more open minded and across the board. Attracts a lot of newbies that don't pigeon hole everything into slots to make it acceptable. Danny Duggan was leading the charge and there are any number of sergeants at hand in John Dunne, Karl Mitchell and so on..... I lived there for 7-8 years and had a great time not having the politics to deal with... I will try and send you an email for Danny... Mark T

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Dublin. Has a up for anything crowd that are so young and enthusiastic that is very special.  And they make visiting people so welcome it puts the UK scene to shame.  Used to love going over to the various venues over the years. 


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Pow City organise monthly nights in Dublin. They don't have a website (to the best of my knowledge), but do have a Facebook page here:


There's also the D8 Soul Club, which organises the "Last Friday Soul Club" nights. They're also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/D8SoulClub/


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Hi Lee, I co promote a monthly soul club called "Pow City" (as Russell mentioned above). 

It's been running for 4 years now and the music (as well as the crowd) is most definitely "across the board" and upfront. 

If you require any specific information you can pm me through here. 

All the best - Paul

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