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Going to cape town

Karl s

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Hi guys going to Cape Town this week whats the chance of  finding a lovely south african chapter five on orange cbs with cut out center  

ooh i can dream hey

any record hunting tips for sa

hope its the same as west indies cos i just followed my nose and came up trumps


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Seriously, do not wander off on foot - central Cape Town can seem safe but get less so quickly. Have a great time - the coast towns behind Table mountain are very nice to visit.

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Very little there. I picked up a Spanish version of a Joe Tex LP but that was it. There's only a couple of shops in the city to best of my knowledge but I didn't spend a lot of time looking. 

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Thank you  dude , going for 14 days gonna be hard not to wander around poking about  here and there ,knowing there's south african issues languishing in hot sweaty shops and storerooms .if only it was like west indies got the reggae motherlode there early 80s

i only want a sa chapter five  (only) huh

well will try 🤙🤙



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So far found 2 shops 

first on is a huge thrift shop found supremes baby loves ve on stateside

and spiral staircase i love u more etc on orange cbs issue 

and a bruce ruffin lp rain not on trojan forget what it was on 

left em there 

the 2nd shop was a real record shop revolution records no soul or decent reggae but loads of prog etc 

going to franschhook soon record shop there so ever hopefull

ps its totally cool in cape town no didgy vibes at all really lovely people 

though there is an undercurrent in some areas you drive through

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Well followed my nose and where did it lead me straight to acess to cape town motherlode cant believe my luck .while out and about on thursday Met a bod who  knew misterman who had mediocre selection of 7”s in a certain shop , but  as rumour has it he has the biggest selection of  all 7”s sold in sa  in his celler at his private residence . When i mentioned trojan the bod straight away mentioned misterman as the go to person  so i showed a photo of sa chapter 5 he said yaar meeybee (sa accent) he has a hugh selection by appointment only so i was like a rat up a drain pipe and phoned him and  unfortunately i cant get to him in time and he is busy when i can do , i have been granted acess  any time he said , luckily i intend to return in  october so we agreed on that , one more record shop to try today so lets hope i find something





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Went to book shop whichhad aback room with a few cardboard boxes of 7s and lps found jimmy radcliff longsfter on black stateside and liquidator on fontanna with pic sleeve

well pleased 60 p for both (10 rand)

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Well back now in cold wet dreary uk☹️ Met misterman and got talen to his really cool celler full of records literally full thousands of lps & 12” in one room the next 2 rooms had piles if 3 ftlong by8” boxes full if 7”  the fifst of the last two rooms was stuffed with radio station stock he just bought i got a lee perry produced roots 12 ive been after mint but never found by jnr murvin called tedious killer dub

the flamingoes boogaloo party 

and flowers sally having a party

only there for an hour but next time i go october time its twofull days

also blinding people couldn’t make me feel more welcomed 


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thanx for positive feed back to my little adventure really appreciate it .  never done a blog( i think my daughter calls it ) before maybe we should start a little section about peoples record hunting experiences . i personally love hearing about people finding records anywhere especially out of the way places love reading about the big finds people have made in the past or even little ones, really inspires me

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