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Detroit Soul 45’s List


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Detroit Soul 45’s List:


Linnie Walker   Darn Well/People Let Me Know   Amtonac   VG    £15

(In Demand Sister Funk)

Herbie Thompson   Let Your Love (Grow Stronger)   Vocal & Instrumental   Big Hit   Mint   £40

Deon Jackson   Love Makes The World Go Around/You Said You Love Me   Carla   VG+   £6

The Twenty Grans   Giving Up Your Love Is Like (Giving Up The World) Columbia   W/D  Vg++   £15

Herman Griffin   True Love   Columbia W/D   VG+   £15

Charlie “Chuck” Welch   Destination Heartache/Here I Am   Column   VG-   £15

(Two Good Crossover Sides)   SOLD

Dee Edwards   Too Careless With My Love/He Told Me Lies   D-Town   VG -   £10

The Peps   Detroit Michigan/You Never Had It So Good   D-Town   VG++   £35

Buddy Lamp   Hen Pecked/If You See Kate   Duke    Demo   VG++   £10

Steve Mancha   Hate Yourself In The Morning/A Love Like Yours   Groove City   VG   £10

Four Gents   I’ve Been Trying/Soul Sister   HBR   VG+   £20

Billy Sha-Rae   Do It/I Found The One   Hour Glass   Mint   £15

John Rhys   & The Lively Set   Nothing But Love   Impact   VG   £10

(Sicker On Label)

The Tartans With Kaddo Strings   Nothing But Love/I Need You   Impact   W/D   VG   £15

(‘X’ and date written on the label).

Jimmy Delphs   Almost/Don’t Sign The Papers Baby   Karen   Mint   £25

(Coloured label,  starting to be played again.

Billy Ferrell   I’ve Got To Find One/Baby That’s The Way I Want You   LaCrystal   VG   £20

Little Carl Carlton   Don’t You Need A Boy Like Me   Lando   Mint   £20

(Stafford Favorite)

Bonnie Brisker   Someone Really Lloves You (Guess Who)   Magic City   VG £75   SOLD

Sweet Geraldine   Sweet Pea (Everything Good To Me)   Magic City   Mint-   £20   SOLD

Mad Dog & The Pups   Hep Squeeze (Part Time)   Magic City   VG++   £20

Holiday   Getting Kind Of Serious/Procrastinate   Marathon   VG   £10

Fabulous Holidays   I’m So Glad/Too Many Times   Marathon   VG £35

Spyder Turner   You’re Good Enough For Me/Stand By Me   M-G-M   VG++   £15

Louis Curry   Captivated   M-S   VG++   £75

(Demo Sticker on flip)

Louis Curry   I’ll Try Again Tomorrow/A Toast To You   M-S   VG++   £20

The Strides   The Strides/I Can’t Get Along (Without Your Love)   M-S   W/D   VG+   £175   SOLD

(Both Sides play perfect, ‘X’ on label)

The Devastating Affair   You Don’t Know ( How Hard  It Is To Make It)   Motown   Mint   £20

Joe Mathews   Little Angel (That’s What You Are)/I Had To Moan   New Moon   VG+   £15

Herman George   It Breaks Me Up Inside   Nimrod   VG+   £75

Al Kent/Flaming Emeralds   Bless You   Ric Tic   W/D   VG++   £20

The Holidays   The Love We Share/This Is Love   Rob-Ron   VG   £35

The Fantastic Four   On The Brighter Side Of A Blue World/I’m Gonna Carry On   Soul   Mint   £10

New Holidays   Maybe So Maybe No/If I Only New   Soul Hawk   VG-   £40

(Some surface noise present)

The Capreez   How To Make A Sad Man Glad   Sound   VG   £100   SOLD

Rick Nichols   I Know The Feeling/Infatuation   Sound   VG+   £30

Billy Sha-Rae   Do It/Crying Clown   Spectrum   Mint-   £20

Marvin Gaye   Little Darling   (I Need You)   Tamla   Mint   £10   SOLD

Emanuel Lasky   Crazy/Welfare Cheese   Thelma   Mint-   £20

The Four Sonics   Where Are You   Triple B   Mint-   £40

Billy Sha-Rae   Let’s Do It Again/I Want Some Satisfaction   Triple B   Mint-   £20

The Fur Voices   We Live In A Ghetto/Summer Kind Of Love   Voice   Mint-   £100

Jimmy Gilford   I Wanna Be Your Baby/Misery Street   Wheelsville    VG   £10

Lil Soul Brothers   I’ve Got Heartaches/What Can It Be   Wheelsville   VG+   £35

Buddy Lamp   You’ve Got The Loving Touch/I Wanna Go Home   Wheelsville   Mint-   £50   SOLD


Postage: £2-50 (1st/recorded UK) 1-3 45’s, overseas at cost. To Reserve PM or E-mail : david.welding@blueynder.co.uk

Edited by Louise
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