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Some good ,uns


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All original,

The Bobettes, Happy go lucky me, RCA Victor demo, ex,£85

Chris Calloway, Your something else, Cub demo, ex, £35

Spencer , Searching for love, Midtown, ex £50

Bobby Freeman , Lies,  Loma demo, ex £60

Lorraine Chandler, You only live twice, Kent 18th Anni, ex £90

Joey Dee, Its got you, Jubilee demo, ex £50

The Sheppards, Walkin, Okeh, vg++, £75

The Citations, Keep the Faith, Ballad, ex £40

The Magicians, Is it all gone, Villa Records, plays ex, vg+ visually, £100

Patti Austin, Leave a little love, Yellow Coral Demo, plays ex, wol, £110

Prince and Princess, Stick together, Bell, plays ex, vg+ visually, £65

Ann D,Andrea, Dont stop looking, Jamie, ex £40

Candace Love, Wonderful Night, Aquarius, vg + £30

Derek Christian, Suddenly theres a valley, Major Minor, ex, 60

Kenny Lynch, My own two feet, HMV, ex £20

Bunny Siglar, Comparatively Speaking, b/w Will you still love me tomorrow, Coral, ex, £75

The Spandells, Say no girl, Dimension, ex, £40

Sonny Craver, i,m no fool, Musette, ex, 250

Gia Mateo, If you cant say anything nice, RCA Victor demo, ex £100

Harry Deal, I still love you, Eclipse 6000, ex £100

Tony Stante, Its my life, Pakway demo,ex,£30

The Fenways, Satisfied, Co and Ce,ex £25, 

Paypal family and friends +plus postage, pm me if interested.

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