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P.P. Arnold - First Lady of Immediate - what's the story?


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UK Immediate copy of PP Arnold - First Lady of Immediate went for over €100 on Ebay earlier today. Thought that was quite high before I checked Discogs to see that it usually goes for much more.

What's the story about this album? Why is it so expensive? Rare? Any good album-only tracks on it? Or is it of music historical relevance because of the musicians/writers/producers involved?



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It was allegedly withdrawn, but that's maybe an asumption based on its rarity. Backing band is the Small Faces, so it's possibly more in demand from psych mod collectors.

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I heard of the "withdrawn" story but to be honest I don't believe it. I checked Discogs, 10 copies sold over the recent years and currently 3 copies for sale. If the album was really withdrawn shouldn't it be rarer?

However, as you said, there's probably some demand coming from collectors who are into Stones, Small Faces etc.

But, back to one of my initial questions, are there any non-45 tracks on it that justify that demand?

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Was only listening to this album the other day (the cd reissue) as i think it's a great lp and love it. 

Funnily enough i thought i'd treat myself to an original vinyl copy and was quite shocked at the Discogs prices when i checked. 

I guess an album only track on it that may appeal to soul dance floors is her version of The Ronettes "Born To Be Together". 

I doubt if that's pushing the price up though and more the fact that it's just a great album all round.

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Thanks for the info. I guess now it's the people involved in the album that makes it so collectable. Jagger, Oldham, The Nice, Steve Marriott to name a few.

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