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A few cheap demos up for grabs"All Disc $10.00 USD+ship

Ray Charles"I Wake Up Crying/Smack Dab In The Middle~ABC DEMO G+

Eddie Floyd and Mavis Staples"Ain't That Good/Never Never Let You Go Stax DJ VG+

Guy Apollo"Big Man In Town/Toy Soldier"Hiback demo G+ plays out well

Freddie North Song#29 Im Your Man/Same Mankind demo VG+

Richard"Popcorn"Wylie"Wedding Bells/Come To Me"Epic M-

Eddie Holman"Am I A Loser/You Know That I Will"Parkway Demo G

The Supremes"He Holds His Own/Nothing But Heartaches"Motown Demo G filler

Ike and Tina Turner"Tell Her Im Not Home/Im Through With Love"Loma Demo G

Rene Fontaine"Just Call Me Lonesome/My Foolish Heart"Dot Demo VG++

Johnny Williams"Put It In Motion/Same"Glossy VG/VG+ SOL

The Notations"Make Me Twice The Man"Gemigo demo Glossy VG-

George Soule"Ill Take Care Of You/Baby Please Me"Fame Demo VG/VG+

Jo Ann Campbell"Bobby,Bobby,Bobby/A Kookie Little Paradise" ABC Demo VG+

J.J.Jackson"Four Walls/Here We Go Again"Calla Demo"Solid and glossy VG

Nina Simone"It Be's That Way Sometimes/You'll Go To Hell"Stock black RCA G+/VG- plays well" I do combine shipping 


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