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Mixed - Funky, Crossover, some rare & unusual items


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Another mixed bag of the rare, the funky, the crossover, the unusual mixed with the not so unusual - all quality. Funds needed otherwise all these would stay on my shelves. Eyes down folks, some bargains to be had in here.

Soundfiles available.

Postage to be added please - Paypal F&F or please add 4% to cover my fees.

(1) Art Tarus – “I Know The Time Is Right” (Exuma) EX/M- £350

-  rare, gathering demand and cheap

-  copy just sold off a dealer’s site for £450 so get in now


I Know The Time Is Right (Exuma).mp3



(2)  Billy Wade & The 3rd Degrees - “Tear It Up” (ABC wd) EX/M- £60     *****SOLD*****

-  100 mph storming funky/R&B/soul

-  tougher 45 than you might think and in beautiful condition


- I haven't had time to do a soundfile of this copy, but it's in beautiful nick; YT clip for reference only (see below)


(3)  Carol Hudson – “No, No, No More” (Vel-Vee) EX £80

-  very rare, very obscure; try putting this baby into Google

-  laid back funky 70s soul dancer with lots of potential


No, No, No, More (Vel-Vee).mp3


(4)  Doc Rand – “I Want You (Yeh I Do)” / “I Need A Woman” (Landra) EX £70

-  under the radar, uptempo, gritty and raw funky R&B double-sider


I Want You (Yeh I Do) (Landra).mp3



(5)  Lasawn Collins – “What You Gonna Do” (Sincere) VG £100

-  rarest release version without the vibes and the best version; bargain price


What You Gonna Do Now (Sincere).mp3



(6) Lou Scott – “Cry It Out Baby” (B&B) VG/VG+ £100

-  now this does appear to be rare; try putting this into Google and Popsike

-  top drawer crossover, mid tempo; great record


Cry It Out Baby (B&B).mp3



(7) The Nu-Trons – “Beat” (Eldee) M- £30

-  top drawer Mod-style funky instro

-  would go well in your set next to your Line & Track


Beat (Eldee).mp3



(8) Virgil Henry – “I’ll Be True” (Colossus) EX £50

-  Crossover classic in beautiful condition and company sleeve; bargain price too


I'll Be True (Colossus) Mono.mp3




Art Tarus.jpg

Billy Wade .jpg

Carol Hudson.jpg

Doc Rand .jpg

LaSawn Collins.jpg

Lou Scott .jpg


Virgil Henry.jpg

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