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I just read about this and was about to put it up but I was late.
My True Story
When I was a sprout , probably 7-8 on this occasion, I used to share a room with my older brother and he/we'd listen to the radio in the dark after bedtime, as you did back then. It was probably Radio Luxemburg 208 Med Wave. Anyway I heard this song, we didn't catch who or what it was, but after several years on the wagon I must have almost wet my knickers. I loved it. Hummed the bits I could remember for quite a while.
It wasn't until several years later I found out who and what it was. Never been without a copy since.  By this time I was well getting into this stupid record / music thing that's sometimes the bane of our lives, other times it make your heart flutter. This was definitely one of the songs that moved my ass along the trail. Over the years I've followed them and I can't say I liked all or maybe even most of the stuff they've done  but that song and his voice I've always loved. He could come to my house and sing last months gas bill and I'd be a happy man. I don't know what it is about some voices. I've seen them several times since I've been over here and always thought they put on a slick professional show even though they 70s and 80s up some of the songs sometimes- BOOOOOO. But his voice!!
One in a while when I'd think about it I'd google him. Never much. He seemed to be a quiet man, but I never saw or heard a bad word about him.
So thank you Gene for what you did,:hatsoff2: for good or ill, and may you rest in peace.



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condolences to friends and family...RIP Eugene..........his music brought me much pleasure down the years

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Yet another Doo-Wop and Soul great gone-so very sad to hear- Eugene and The Jive Five ; from early 60's Doo-Wop ballad beauties like My True Story, Never,Never and Beggin' You Please, to Soul classics such as I'm A Happy Man, Bench In The Park and  Northern gems like 'Crying Like A Baby', he was a fine singer who made a fine contribution to music,of which his family and friends can be proud

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