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Everything's Tuesday Xmas Party

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Finally decided what is going on the free CD for ET next Tuesday night and hope it might be of interest to a few on the list - always try to mix up some classic sounds from 60s, 70s, lesser known stuff and some quality new tunes to demonstrate that soul continues to this day - with me you can always be guaranteed to get variety (which I know may not appeal to some). Just need to master and produce the CDs this weekend.

Just two guest djs at this year's party (got too complicated trying to schedule up to 5) - Neil Jones and Dave Peet. Hope we get enough in for a good atmosphere - a Tuesday night always means you're competing with something - works do's, school functions, football, council meetings, evening classes, etc.

It's 8 till 11.30ish - Horwich RMI Club, Chorley New Road, Horwich, Lancs.

map at http://www.soulfulhorwich.org.uk/tuesday/tuesdaymap.gif or phone/text me on 07787 948671


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Guest stash313

Have a good one Gordon, gave it a plug on the show for you, won't be able to make it as working that night but hope all goes well.

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