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Horse and Groom 10th Anniversary Sunday Chillout 11/12 Aug

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Playlists from Horse and Groom Doncaster 10th Anniversary Weekender Sunday Chillout...

2 day event so a few extra playlists from Sat included ........


Saturday 11th


Tony Ollier (Soul Liberation)


Joe Hinton - Don't Tell Her The Truth
Fourth Day - You Turn Me On
Topics - Booking Up Baby
Eric Jones - Baby I Believe
Bobby Bland - It Ain't The Real Thing
Johnnie Taylor - Real Love
Reason Why - Step Inside My World
Glen Miller - Where Is The Love
Young Ladies - I'm Tired Of Running Around
Ann Bogus - Don't Ask Me To Love Again
Summits - I Can't Get Over Losing You
Bernadette Bascomb - I Don't Want To Lose Your Love
Ty Karim- Lightin Up
JP Robinson - Our Day Is Here
Wee - Try Me
Seville - Show Me The Way
Darrow Fletcher - It's No Mistake
Towana- Wear Your Natural Baby
Lyde, Fisher & Giles - Serve Me Right To Suffer




Peter Robinson : Carib Soul


Derrick Harriott - Let Me Down Easy
Glen Miller - For The Good Times
Frank Dell - Welcome Home
Sam Hutchins - I'm Tired Of Pretending
Bart Jackson - Wonderful Dream
The Enchanters - Should Be Loving You
The Four Tempo - I Had A Strange Dream
Jerry Jackson - Wide Awake In A Dream
Gene Stridel - Where Does That Leave Me
Otis Leavill - Can't Stop Loving You
Thee Midnitters - Giving Up On Love
Art Neville - Heartache
Herman Davis - Gotta Be Loved
Willie Cager - He's A Player
Willie Tee - Foolish Girl
Joe Johnson – Can I Change My Mind
Richie Merritt - Where Did I Go Wrong
Lovelorn - If
Zarack - Look In To My Eyes





Kev Rodgers – Groovin’


Bull & Matadors - My Babe
Freak Power -  Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out
Jae Mason - Woman
Mop Mop - Perfect Day
Cal Tjader - Soul Sauce
Harold Melvin - Bad Luck
Pasadenas - Tribute
Dee Dee Sharp - What Kind Of Lady
L J Reynolds - Key To The World
The Soul Merchants - For Wes
The Locomotive – Rudi’s In Love
Animal Nightlife - Native Boy
The Specials - Baby You Need Me
Coke Escovedo - I Wouldn't Change A Thing
Jasper Street - Another Day


Freddie Hughes - I Just Found Out
Dewey Jeffries - When No One Cared
Starvue -  Bodyfusion
Smoove + Bukky Leo Quintet -  Rejoice In Righteousness


Tracey Shaw (Soul Kitchen)


Dottie & Millie - Talking About My Baby
Liz Verdi - You Let Him Get Away
Betty Swan - Closed For The Season
Helen Smith - Love Him In Return
Lezi Valentine - I Won’t Do Anything
Elaine Dunn - If My Teardrops Could Talk
Lovelace Watkins - Dreams
Jobettes - What You Gonna Do
Charmels – As Long As I’ve Got You
Vivian Copland - I Don’t Care What He’s Done
Hattie Wilson - Pass Me By
Rita Da Costa - You Ain’t Nothing No More
Springers - I Want You Every Night and Day
Rose St John - Fools Don’t Laugh
Sugar & Spices - Have Faith In Me
Jo Ann Garrett - Whole New Plan
Cheryl Williams - I’m Your Fool
Betty Wilson - I’m Yours
Dream Team - There He Is
Ruby Sherry - Feminine Ingenuity


John Browne – Soul Kitchen


Billy Butler - Careless Heart
Kickin Mustangs - Take a Miracle
Freddie Paris - Face It Boy It’s Over
Church - How Long
Sun Lovers - My Poor Heart
21st Generation- Hey James
Ed Nelson - I’ll Give You a Ring
James Dee - Jealous
Patty Stokes - Is It True
7 Nombres - Listen People
Harold Celius and Flex - Don’t You Ever Break My Heart
Billy McGregor - Mr Shy
Fantastic 4 - Live Up To What She Thinks
Salas Brothers / One Like Mine
Lee Williams - Baby Baby
Lee Moses - I Can’t Take No Chances
Love Affair - I Can’t Stop Loving You
Unifics - Sentimental Man
Richard Dimples Fields - And Then Along Came Belinda
Jesse James - Bring My Baby Back
Helen Curry - Shelly








Sunday 12th


Bri Pinches – 12:00 – 12:40




Lucky Jamal Davis -  Love Is Better Than Ever


Mystiques – So Good To Have You Home Again


Differences – That Was The Day


Delfonics – Can You Remember


Four Perfections – I’ll Hold On


Warren Raye – If You Wanna Love Me


Anthony White – I’m So In Love With You


Valerie Carter – Trying To Get To You


Rita Johns – A Little Bit Of Love


Thee Midnighters – Making Ends Meet


Jades – And Now


Vanguards – Before You Take Another Step




Joe Lakin – 12:40 – 13:15


Tyrone Davis – I Wish It Was Me


Jerry Butler – Walk Easy My Son


Willie Walker – Two Paces Ahead Of Love


Impressions – I’m Still Waitin’


Alton Ellis – It’s A Shame


Gene Chandler – Without You Here


Mayberry Movement – I Think I’m In Love


Johnnie Taylor – A Love To Call Mine


Bobby Taylor – One Girl


Walter Jackson – Uphill Climb To The Bottom




Steve Mank – 13:15 – 13:50


Brothers Of Soul – Try It Babe


The Cheques – Deeper


Esquires – Everybody’s Laughing


Jerry Butler – Aware Of Love


Miracles – That Girl


Al Wilson – Be Concerned


Ray and Dave – Wrong Wrong Wrong


Five Wagers – You’re My World


Lovelites – I Found A Lover


Other Brothers – Little Girl


Virgil Brothers – Temptation ‘Bout To Get Me


Kenny Lynch – Movin’ Away




Dave Pinches – 13:50 - 14:25


Dynamic Upsetters – Try Me


Sly,  Slick and Wicked – We Don’t Have To Be Lovers


First Class – You Come Up Always Wanting To Break Up


Mirage – You Can’t Stop A Man In Love


Archie Bell – Harder and Harder


Vanesse and Carolyn – Goodbye Song


The Tropics – God and You


Kenn Lending Blues Band – Help Somebody


Ray – Something Inside


Supremes and Temptations – Then




Mick Waddington – 14:25 – 15:00


Bottom and Co – Gonna Find A True Love


Almeta Latimore – These Memories


Arthur Alexander – I Need You Baby


U/A – Gonna Take A Lot


Cornelius Bros and Sister Rose – Big Time Lover


Soul Communicators – Please Don’t Go


Larry Allen – Can We Talk It Over


Neo Experience – Human


Keni Lewis – Ain’t Gonna Make It Easy


True Image – I’m Not Over You Yet


Four Tops – Feels Like Fire


Al McArthur – His True Love For You




Pat Bleasdale – (1st Guest) – 15:00 – 16:00


Sean Oliver – Magic


Angie Stone – I Wish I Didn’t Miss You


Spencer Moralas – Without Your Love


Stevens and Foster – I Want To Be Loved


Barbara Lynn – Movin’ On A Groove


Ujima – I’m Not Ready


Randy Brown – I’m Always In The Mood


Originals – Just A Dime Away


Blue Steam – I Want A Girl


Tony Troutman – Whats The Use


Clay Brown – Walk With A Groove


United Sounds – It’s All Over


Melvin Moore – All Of A Sudden


Kool Blues – Can We Try Love again


1-20 Connection – Dreamin’


Brothers Of Soul – Dream


Black Nasty – I Have No Choice




John Benson – (2nd Guest) – 16:00 – 17:00


Aretha Franklin – I Can’t See Myself Leaving You


Diana Ross, Supremes and Temptations – I’ll Try Something New


Oliver Bush – I’ll Make It Up To You


Al Hudson – I’m About Loving You


Crusaders – You Pay For Love


Sisters Love – You Give Me Your Love


Billy Paul – So Glad To See You Again


Al Johnson – Since You Walked Out Of My Life


Marvin Gaye – I’M Gonna Give You Respect


Africano – Satisfactorise Your Mind


Barbara St Clair – Teacherman


Mixed Emotions – Are You Imposing


Ray Crumley – I Want To Be A Part Of You


Doris Duke – The Feeling Is Right


ZZ and Company – Gettin’ Ready For The Getdown


Towana and The Total Destruction – Wear Your Natural Baby


M J Wade – I’m Gonna Ball Baby


W King Cole – I Wonder Why


Marva Whitney – Your Love Is Good For Me


Freedom – Can’t You See




Russ Steele – (3rd Guest) – 17:00 – 18:00


Freddie Chavez – Cold Rainy Day


Choice Of Colour – I’ll Be Around


Michael Kirkland – Together


Freedom Machine – Stop Doubting My Love


Lee Williams – Since I Don’t Have You


Unknowns – Please Don’t Go


Johnny Thompson – Given Up On Love


God’s Gift To Women – Groovin’


Snoopy Dean – I Can’t Control This Feeling


Fresh – You


Sex – It’s You (Baby It’s You)


Wes Lewis – It’s Gonna Be Hard


Stanley Ivory – Gotta Find My baby


Snapper – I Was Just Passing Through


Minits – Still A Part Of Me


Tyrone Edwards – You Did It


Troy Johnson – I Want You


Tyrone Thomas – You’re Hardly Gone


Garfield Fleming – Don’t Send Me Away


Bobby Thurston – Very Last Drop




Bri – 18:00 – 18:30


Woods Empire – Universal Love


First Class – Tell Me What You Want


Laura Lee – Your Song


Brand New – A Thousand Years


Channel 3 – Sweetest Thing


Brenda Jones – Big Mistake


Richard Caiton – I Like To Get Near You


Seville – Show Me The Way




Joe – 18:30 – 19:00


Impressions – Potent Love


Ronn Matlock – You Got The Best Of Me


Chuck Jackson – What’s With This Loneliness


Freddie Scott – Girl I Love You


Four Tops – Where Did You Go


Lamont Dozier – Can’t Get Off Until The Feeling Stops


Archie Bell – A Thousand Wonders


Deon Jackson – I Can’t Go On


C M Lord – Oh Mama




Steve – 19:00 – 19:30


All Night Band – Lovely Ladies


Bobby Reed – The Time Is Right For Love


The Modulations – I’m Hopelessly In Love


Ledgends – Gotta Let You Go




Dave – 19:30 – 20:00


Bobby Burn – I’m A Dreamer


Ann Bogus – Don’t Ask Me To Love Again


Sonny Turner – Now That You’ve Gone


Patti Stokes – Is It True


Cynthia Sheeler – I’ll Cry Over You


Jimmy Bo Horn – I Can’t Speak


Jeannie Tracey – Making Good Friends


Doc Peabody – Here Without You


Village Choir – Sweet Hot Lips


Lynn Vernardo – Wash and Wear Love




Mick – 20:00 – 20:30


Bernadette Bascomb – I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love


Monclairs – Hey You


Stemmons Express – Woman Lover Thief


Ann Sexton – You’ve Been Gone Too Long


Bitter and Sweet – I Won’t Have Any Babies For You


Barbara Lynn – I Don’t Want No Playboy


Kenny Wells – Isn’t It Just A Shame


Ronnie McNeir – Isn’t She A Pretty Girl


Phonetics – Just A Boys Dream


Rhonda Davis – Can You Remember


Tangeers – Let My Heart and Soul Be Free


Soul Bros Inc – Pyramid


Gloria Scott – A Case Of Too Much Lovemaking




and to finish last record from Joe


Louis Armstrong – Wonderful World




Edited by PS-Soul
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Playlists from Horse and Groom Doncaster 10th Anniversary Weekender Sunday Chillout... 2 day event so a few extra playlists from Sat included ........   Saturday 11th   Tony

Congratulations for 10 years of great music, as someone said "you know it will never take off" here's to the next 10  

Quality from start to finish

50 minutes ago, Philip Bennett said:

Can you please tell me the last record played on the video. Thanks.

Lamont Dozier - Can't Get Off ( Until The Feeling Stops)

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Congratulations for 10 years of great music, as someone said "you know it will never take off"

here's to the next 10


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Respect to Russ Steele for spinning three of my faves ! Johnny Thompson, Wes Lewis and the one and only SNAPPER !!!!!

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29 minutes ago, polyvelts said:

Respect to Russ Steele for spinning three of my faves ! Johnny Thompson, Wes Lewis and the one and only SNAPPER !!!!!

Thanks for the comment , it was a great afternoon .



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