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Lutterworth Modern Soul night Playlist

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Was asked last year to accompany John & Alison Nightingale to dj at the Wycliffe rooms in Lutterworth...

As most people know im more of an oldies DJ but I do collect alot of 70's/80's too over the years and was looking forward to last night..

On reflection I think my type of spot was a bit too uptempo but seemed to go down well none the less..er i think

John and Al played some sublime stuff after me too and mark and lofty played some great stuff too..

Heres my spot anyway 09.30 - 10.30

Little Beaver - Listen to my heartbeat - Cat

Monday After - Merry go round - Buddah

Philly Devotions - I just cant say goodbye - Do de

Marlena Shaw - Love has gone away - Blue note DJ

CB Overton - Superstar lady - Shock

Kumano - I'll cry for you - Prelude

Kenny Burke - Let somebody love you - RCA

Biily Nicholls - Diamond Ring - West End

Tapestry - Lifes what you make it - Capitol

King Tutt - You got me hung up - Fun City

David Will - Lonliness - Soul Craft

Houston Person - Dancing feet - Mercury

Hosana - Hip it - LHMA

LJ Johnson - You keep my temperature rising - Mercury

Melba Moore - Something he can feel - Buddah

Randy Brown - Im always in the mood - Parachute

Bruce and Dunn Street - Moment of Truth - Devaki

Moment of Truth - You got me humming - Salsoul

Sally Sagoe - A little bit love - Dart DJ

Leon Thomas - Thank you baby - Don King

Temprees - I found love on a discofloor - Epic DJ

Linda Clifford - You are you are - CRC

well there u go! hardly modern i suppose but great for me as i dont get a chance to play some of these tracks other than in the living room

thanks for looking!


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