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an account has been closed as per terms of use


The guidelines do state

Failure to follow the Site Guidelines

Your post content may be removed or edited
Minor offences may result in a simple advisory warning.
If repeated and/or felt needed a stronger official warning may be issued
If felt needed temporary removal of features/access of progressively longer durations may be used.
If it becomes clear that someone is unwilling to use our site within the terms and conditions of use (that all agree to follow) then the account may be closed.

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  1. Paul Leddon Account Closed Yet Again
    All About The Soul by mike on Sat 20 Jul 2013
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    • Pete S on 22 May 2014
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  2. New Update From My Account(loads Of Great 45's)
    Sale Websites by mrtall on Fri 06 May 2016
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    • mrtall on 06 May 2016
  3. Updated Account Much Soul Added
    Sale Websites by mrtall on Thu 16 Jun 2016
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    • mrtall on 16 Jun 2016
  4. Source Team - New Moderation Account
    Support by mike on Tue 23 May 2017
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    • mike on 23 May 2017

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