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fluid forums - select forums to view

related to the recent 'hide' forum request


there is a view on here called 'fluid forums' 


goto the forums page here



and select the forum 'fluid view' as shown below


you then get a more fluid topic as shown and can view which forums you wish to show


also works on ipads etc - choose the same icon and then you need to hit the view link



you do need to be logged in for the options to show


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Can't see a way of saving a selected stream of content though , a stream that shows as New Activity when you enter the site ... ?

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yep this is a different feature its only forum based and so only offers forum choices which it autosaves once choosen


 the 'new activity' stream is site based as in covers forums, events, news, gallery etc and works different, as said I need to have a dig at that tomorrow to resolve the saving issue

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