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'Andy Bellwoods’ A Cellar Full of Soul’. Sept/Oct 2018.

Starting with mid tempo x-over and finishing with an obscure rhythm & blues 45 (with slide guitar from Ry Cooder), this mix captures the essence of what went out over the airwaves recently on Andy’s weekly 2 hour  radio show. An all vinyl /acetate* selection which also featured new/recent releases, unreleased, rarer soul, Northern & Motown,7ts, Modern, Popcorn and Jamaican. * Cut short to avoid bootlegging.

1.      The Impressions  ‘soulful love’ (Buddah)

2.     Friday, Saturday, Sunday ‘there must be something’ (DIG)

3.     C.J. & Co  ‘let them talk’ (Diggin’ Deep)

4.     Posse  ‘are you ready’ (Janus)

5.     Spyder Turner ‘fill this house with love’ aka ‘house for sale’ (Acetate & unreleased) 

6.     Kiki Dee ‘try something new’ (Motown)

7.     George Jackson  ‘victim of a foolish heart’ (Fame)

8.     Major Harris  ‘call me tomorrow ‘ (Okeh)

9.     The Invincibles  ‘it’s that love of mine’ (WB)

10.   Jackie Moore  ‘the bridge that lies between us’ (Kayvette)

11.    Ernest Ernie & The Sincerities  ‘do something’ (Expansion)

12.   Joe Matthews  ‘what every girl needs’ (Diggin’ Deep)

13.   The Impressions  ‘minstrel and queen’ (Sparton promo)

14.   Dawn Penn  ‘you don’t care’ (Steely & Clevie)

15.   The Gaylettes  ‘son of a preacher man’ (Hour Glass)

16.   Mario’s Tuna feat. Miles Revesse  ‘monkey mouse’ (Resence promo)

17.   Whiskey Barons vs Marvin Gaye  ‘you’ (unreleased)

18.   Fletcher Walker 111  ‘didn’t we’ (Paramount)

19.   Marvelettes  ‘it’s too late to start all over’ aka ‘suspicion’ (Acetate & unreleased)

20.   Barbara Lewis  ‘hello stranger’ (Atlantic)

21.   Lesley Gore  ‘i won’t love you anymore (sorry)’ (Mercury)

22.   George Kirby  ‘what can i do’  (Cadet dj)

23.   Duke Browner  ‘crying over you’ (Impact)

24.   Bo Diddley ‘another sugar daddy’ (Checker dj)

25.   The Big Six  ‘comin’ home,  baby’ (International Polydor)

26.   Howling Wolf  ‘you gonna wreck my life’ (Smash)

27.   Jack Nitzsche  ‘hard workin’ man’ (MCA)

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Love the Lesley gore track , wonderful blue eyed northern. 

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