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Latest ...Nov radio show plays

Another selection this time a few from November’s radio shows (so far) 


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track list

1.      Satisfaction Unlimited  ‘i know it’s really love’ (Hot Wax)

2.     The Four Tops  ‘when she was my girl’ (Casablanca)

3.     Jerry Butler  ‘ordinary joe’ (Mercury)

4.     Marvin Junior  ‘dance’ (unreleased)

5.     Driza Bone  ‘fire’ (4th B WAY)

6.     Contours  ‘got to bring you back’ (Motorcity)

7.     Brian Courtney Wilson  ‘one more praise’ (Expansion)

8.     Greene Sisters ‘it’s a beautiful world’ edit. Aka ‘theme for Sisters Greene’ (Moton radio only)

9.     Lorraine Chandler  ‘what can i do’  (RCA Victor)

10.   The Impressions  ‘choice of colours’ (Curtom)

11.    Betty Everett  ‘you’re falling in love’  (Uni)

12.   Gloria Jones  ‘bring on the love (why can’t we be friends again)’ (Capitol)

13.   Maxine Brown  ‘i wonder what my baby’s doing tonight’ (Wand)

14.   The Temptations  ‘stay’  Acappella version (Motown)

15.   The Voicemasters  ‘you’ve hurt me baby’ (Bamboo)

16.   Bobby Lacour  ‘i found what i wanted’ (Hep Me) 

17.   The Lovettes  ‘i need a guy’ (Carnival)

18.   Aaron Neville  ‘a hard nut to crack’ (Parlo)

19.   Willie Kendrick  ‘what’s that on your finger’ (RCA Victor)

20.   Jackie Wilson  ‘my heart is calling’ (Brunswick)

21.   C L Blast  ‘what can i do’ (United Records)

22.   Jan Harris  ‘his kiss’ (Capitol)

23.   Ben E King  ‘getting’ to me’  (Kent Select)

24.   Suzy Wallis  ‘tell him’ (RCA Victor promo)

25.   Sylvie Vartan  ‘i made my choice’ (RCA Victor promo)

26.   Carol Fran  ‘i’m gonna try’ (Port)

27.   Gene Washington & The Ironsides ‘got to get through to you’ (Colemine)


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