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Video: The Wash - Brenda & Tabulations - US Advert

Soul Source music video feature announcement - Just added to our soul music video feature ....

Name: The Wash - Brenda & Tabulations - US Advert
Category: Video Bites
Date Added: 23/01/19
Submitter: mike


Video Description:

A recent USA  UK Axe Body Wash TV advert that was mentioned in the recent 'Jamie Records and the Oscars' article highlighted here


Tellingly, the most lucrative commercial placement they’ve scored to date was with “a B-side by Brenda and the Tabulations I never even knew we had,” Frank said. “It’s a knock-off ‘dance sensation’ song called ‘The Wash’ that a UK advertising agency found and asked to use for an Axe Body Wash spot set on a beach.


watch now...

The Wash - Brenda & Tabulations - US Advert


Soul Source Soul Music Video Feature 2018

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