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Favorite two-step tracks/artists?


This one illustrates how close two step soul is to lovers' rock.


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On 27/12/2019 at 00:20, Tendz2infinity said:

Greetings all, just joined up and found this great thread. I was a small time dealer and DJ in the 2-step scene from around 1988 to 1993 and have read this thread with great excitement. Stan and Victor took the scene in a different direction, moving away from major label to more independent soul.

They along with Junior are legends to this day because a lot of the tracks that I heard them play first in the scene, have gone on to be huge... “Body Fusion”, “Make it last “ etc. Around ‘89 you could hear these tracks on Tony P’s daily breakfast show. 

Influential in what I call the “first wave” of 2-step were Manhattan, Company Soul Sound and Funkadelic, it was around this time (1986ish) that 2-step broke away from the core Rare Groove scene as a sub-genre starting in Hackney and other parts of East London, spreading South of the river with Touch of Class.

Some of the tapes of these sessions (mostly house parties) are online and there is quite a big market in these tapes. If you type in the following search in Google you will find links to probably one of the most famous sessions of all: “

This was 1987 dance with Touch of Class, Incognito and Funkadelic and some of the following were played:

”summer breeze” - reflections

”lover to lover” - Bobbi humphrey

”midnight love affair” - George benson

“I can’t play” - side effect

”soft and tender” - people’s choice

”stepping into tomorrow” - Donald byrd

”nomalizo” letta mbulu

”i’m Always dancing to the music” - benny golson

“Easy money” - Dee Dee sharp

”pusherman” - Curtis mayfield


as I mentioned above, many of these tunes were also played on the core Rare Groove scene but the genesis of a specialist 2-step soon is obvious from here.

By around ‘89 you started hearing tracks like 7 Miles High, Vibrations, Arnold Blair and Dee Edwards; definitely rarer indepdent tracks that were harder to find. Very few DJs could get original 45s of these tracks and hence they become a “badge of honour” that separated the sound systems into a Premier League vs Othersthat still exists to this day - for this reason bootlegging was rife. Some of the tracks that really enhanced your “rep” were: “My mind is at ease” by West Coast Revival, “Shake it up” by the Vibrations (original 45) and “Do you care” by Hard Cover. and many more. Some of these were not true 2-step tracks but the DJs and punters were a lot more open minded than people give them credit. At the beginning and ending of dances you would hear real collectors tunes, tracks that weren’t really popular with the punters, like “Gotta Get To You” by 4th Kingdom, “Impossible” by Velvet Hammer or “House of fun and love” by Sweet Mixture

i have many memories and playlists, and will share these in later posts. For a number of years I have been cataloging all the tracks that I remember being played in the dances and on the radio shows that specialist in 2-step

The scene still lives, though on a smaller scale, with many of the same DJs. You can check out one of the scene’s legends, DJ Legs, most Sunday’s on from 8 till 11pm





Great post mate and totally agree with what you said about 2-step being a breakaway from the 'Rare groove' tagged tunes . It's one of those genres that has been so misdescribed over the years . Will look forward to the seeing some of the playlist's you mentioned .

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