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Horse & Groom Xmas Cracker Dec 16 Playlists

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Here are the playlists from the Horse & Groom Dec 16th 2018


Dave 12:00 – 12:40

 Executive Sweet   -  Christine

Jimmy James  -   I know you don’t love me

The Silent Majority  -  Frightened girl

Jimmy Brinson  -   So many miles away

Channel 3  -  Someone else’s arms

Sammy Jones   – You’ve got to show me

El Anthony   -  Crying without reason

Tommy Hunt   - Just a little taste

The Insiders     I’m better off without you

Dynamic Upsetters      I  want a man to shag with me


Mick 12:40 – 13:15

 Barbara Lewis  -  Hello stranger

Marvin Gaye  -  Where are we going

Artistic Sounds  -  Little children

Unknown Artist  -  Gonna take a lot

Fresh  -  You

Cunnie Williams  -  Come back to me

Barbara Lynn  -  I’m still the same

Harvey & Seven Sounds  -  Glamour Girl

Broadways  -  You just don’t know

True Image  -  I’m not over you yet

C M Lord  - Oh Mama


Bri 13:15 – 13:50

 Midwest Franchise  -  I’ll be around

Gloria Gaynor  -  Tell me how

Robert John  -  Poor side of town

Modulations  -  Love at last

Gil Scott Heron  -  Willing

Douglas & Lonero  -  This time

Darrow Fletcher  -  Let’s get together

Stan Ivory  -  Come live with me

Bill Brandon  -  The Streets got my lady

Promatics  -  I think I’m gonna let you go


Joe 13:50 – 14:25

 Ben Pirani  -  Art school girl

Garnet Mimms  -  It was easier to hurt her

Alton Ellis  -  What does it take

Jerry Butler  -  Aware of love

Jay W McGee  -  I love you over and over

Bessie Banks  -  Baby you sure know how to get to me

Fantastic Four  -  Can’t stop looking for my baby

Tammi Terrell  -  Come on and see me

Impressions  -  I need you

Mad Lads  -  What will love tend to make you do

Nancy Wilson  -  The end of our love


Steve  14:25 – 15:00

 Other Brothers  -  Little girl

Soul Bros Inc  -  Pyramid

Wendall Watts  -  You girl

Four Tracks  -  Like my love for you

Cal Green  -  I’ll give you a little bit more

Sterphonics  -  Don’t leave me

Other Ones  -  The two of us

Bobby Reed  -  The time is right for love

Tony Colton  -  I stand accused

Romey Rand  -  I’m coming in

Barbara Mason  -  I don’t want to lose you

Larry Houston  -  Give me something to go on


Tony Smith   1st Guest   15:00 – 16:00

 Marion Love  -  Can’t forget about you baby

Modulations  -  Hopelessly in love with you

Imperial Wonders  - Trying to get to you

Donny Hathaway  -  Little ghetto boy

Jimmy Hicks Tell her that I love you

Ray Frazier  -  Your eyes

Vivian Copeland  -  Key in the mail box

Rosey Grier  -  Beautiful people

Unique Blend  -  Mommy and daddy

Harold Tyler  -  Reality

Brown Sugar  -  Game is over

Coke Escovedo  -  Make it sweet

Joe Bataan  -  Special girl

Rising Sun  -  Miami bump

Harvey Averne Band  -  Central park

Percy and Them  -  Look into the mirror of my eyes

Roscoe Thomas  -  American girl

Flame n King  -  Oh happy day

Natural Four  -  I thought you were mine

Pat and the Blenders  -- Just because


 Rob Hurcomb   2nd Guest   16:00 - 17:00

 David Ruffin  -  The letter

Charron Cotton  -  A little bit of love

Bobby Womack  -  Give it up

Lamont Dozier  -  Can’t get off

L Young  -  Can’t get you off my mind

Charlene P M  -  Believe what I say

Volumes  -  Same old feeling

Doris Duke  -  I’ll make a sweet man

Aretha Franklin  -  Walk on by

Willie Anthony  -  Groovin’

Johnathan  Serriniah  -  What’s a guy gotta do

Carl Hall  -  What about you

Sharon Ridley  -  Where did you learn to make love

Wilson Pickett  -  I want you

James Phelps  -  Look on your face

T n T  -  Something on my mind

Vivian Copeland  -  Chaos in my heart

Barratt Strong  -  Man up in the sky


Ian (Taffy)   3rd Guest   17:00 – 18:00

 Sonny Turner  -  Now that you gone

Marlena Williams  -  Is this the real you

Fletcher Walker III  -  Guess I’ll never understand

Impressions  -  I’m the one who loves you

Debonaires  -  How’s your new love treating you

Johnny Gilliam  -  Find yourself another

Terry Callier  -  Ordinary Joe

Rhonda Davis  -  Can you remember

Pretenders  -  I call it love

Oscar Perry  -  I got what you need

Gospel Classics  -  More love that’s what you need

Falcons  -- Love like you never been loved

21st Century  -  Shadow of a memory

Love Affair  -  I can’t stop loving you

Sharon McMahon  -  Get out of my life

Dee Edwards  -  I can deal with that

Vanessa & Carolyn  -  Goodbye Song

Alton Ellis  -  What does it take


Joe 18:00 – 18:30

 Impressions  -  Potent Love

Nicu Collins  -  Give love a try

Alton Ellis  -  I dig you baby

Walter Jackson  -  It’s an uphill climb to the bottom

Big Dee Irwin  - You satisfy my needs

Curtis Mayfield  -  People never give up

Jimmy Beumont  -  I never loved her anyway


Dave 18:30 – 19:00

 Village Choir  -  All purpose love

Bobby Burn  -  I’m a dreamer

Bernadette Bascomb  -  I don’t want to lose your love

Delegates of Soul  -  What a lucky guy I am

Ann Bogus  -  Don’t ask me to love again

Glen Miller  -  Where is the love

Sea Shells  -  Quiet home

Patti Stokes  -  Is it true

Willie Tee  -  Teasing you again


Bri 19:00 – 19:30


Seville  -  Show me the way

Selena Jones  -  Am I the same girl

Crystal Clear  -  Stay with me

Monique  -  If you love me

Bobby Hutton  -  Come see

Andrea Henry  -  Need you like a baby

Bobby Kline  -  Say something nice to me

James Fountain  -  Seven day lover

Garnet Mimms  -  Looking for you


Mick  19:30 – 20:00

 Jimmy James & Vagabonds  -  Ain’t no big thing

Gloria Scott  -  A case of too much lovemaking

Constellations  --I don’t know about you

Vanguards  -  Good times bad times

Kenny Wells  -  Isn’t it just a shame

Morris Chestnut  -  Too darn soulful

Bitter & Sweet  -  I won’t have any babies for you

Phonetics  -  Just a boys dream

Minnie Jones  -  Shadow of a memory

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose  -  Too late to turn back now

Temptations  -  My girl


Steve  20:00 – close


No playlist


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