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Here's details of an app that recently saved me some time and maybe some £s the other day when couldn't find my running watch

Basically if you ever lose/misplace a bluetooth device such as a fitness tracker or maybe a bluetooth remote etc then this could help

Download this app on your mobile, follow the instructions and after a bit of 'getting warmer/colder'  interaction you should be led to your lost device

worked well for me 👍



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something that once you have seen may make you wonder why its took so long...


BBC Click's Lara Lewington looks at a new smart socket for charging devices. When the device is fully charged the smart socket automatically cuts out saving electricity.



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I have a app that locates the remote control if it's lost. 

I also use apps for identifying Bird  songs and calls. 

Tree identification 

Plant identification 

One to control my camera 

The list is endless 


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