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We all love our embedded YT posts, a big part of SS is the resource of great Soul that we archived here in that format.

It does cause loading page issues for small capacity machines and those, like myself who have slow internet speeds. So to make life easier can the Team ask that members refrain from posting multiple YT embeds in a post and limit it to just one YT vid per post, that way a thread will have a max of 50 per page and reduce loading issues. An alternative to this might be, if posting multiple tracks in one post, to use the 'Display as a link' tick box in the reply panel.

Can the Team also ask that members when replying to a post with a vid in it that we remove the vid and just quote the post?

I know it's a bit of a technique to do it so here's how it's done.

Quote the post as normal:


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Here's how to do the link thing if you want to post multiples, paste the YT URL and then click the 'Display as a link' option circled in red. I would suggest though, adding the Artist and Title before each link as it'll save people opening a link just for the purpose of finding out what it is!


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