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DJ Re-service on record label meaning?


Hi all,

Anyone know what is the meaning of "Dj Re-service" on some record labels? The two random ones I've dragged of the net both look like your normal promo/demo and as you can see one says demo on it and one doesn't. Obviously sent out to Djs, radio stations etc but is there a different meaning to the wording that I don't know off? Or are they just effectively promos/demos but with a fancier description?

Thanks in advance.

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Quite a few PIR promos have this too. I don"t know the reason I"m afraid

Cheers Paul

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Posted (edited)

I'm not 100% sure but... the most likely explanation is that they released the record  the 1st time around and nothing happened.

Maybe a dj started playing later and it became a hit so they re-serviced the record . It could also be they decided to put out a 

different mix or a longer version of the song. It was a way to differentiate this new version from the original release. 

Here's  the original shorter version without the harmonica solo.

d i d.jpg

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These are usually associated to Columbia/ CBS Records pressings, Columbia, Epic, Philly Int. etc... The Motown one above could of been pressed at one of their plants. I don't know what 'Re-service' means I think it's just their way of stating it's a demo. Seems to have started early 70s.

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As I understand it, "re-service" copies are ones that were sent out in a second wave of promotion by record companies some weeks after the first - presumably in the hope of getting extra airplay after the first wave of promotion failed to get sufficient exposure and make the song the hit the label sought.  

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