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SAN Francisco


Off to SAN Francisco in September for a week is there anything soul related going on and any places I should visit apart from the obvious?





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Hi Phil,


There is a great record shop that i visited called Rooky Ricardo's Records in Lower Haight Street,

plan your visit carefully to spend a good amount of time in the shop.Also,probably more

importantly,your journey may transit through or near the Tenderloin district,do your homework

as it can get very interesting at times,just be careful mate.


Hope you have a great time,all the best,Ron.

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Go to Oakland and see if the Suavecito Souldies are spinning anywhere...for SF look out for Alcatraz Soul Club or Black & Silver

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check out this venue called "The Makeout Room"... if you look at the January event calendar, there are about 15 DJ nights in that month alone that span soul/R&B/funk/reggae/disco ...



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Rooky's is the most reliable place to find decent 45s, though Amoeba in SF recently had a massive and amazing collection of 60s soul stuff come through.

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