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Some good tracks today. Only selling these as I have some long term wants. Payment by bank transfer preferred but paypal OK if fees are covered.
Post for singles is £2.80 Recorded  and LPs £4.00. Overseas at cost.

Broken Melody. What Happening Baby. Pesante. Ex £175
(This is the white promo label, same as the red but white!
A few scuffs but way cheaper than the one on Discogs)  

Dennis Robinson & Original Tams. Wings For My Baby. A Talent Attraction. Ex £60
(Rare rare!! one small scuff on b side. Superb 70s)

Vessie Simmons. Better To Bend Than Break. Simco Ex £70 SOLD SOLD
(Just magic 70s and a very competitive price!)

The Eliminators. Loving Explosion LP. Brunswick/Zafiro Ex £60 SOLD SOLD
(Brunswick released this under Zafiro in Spain 1974 original. You know what this goes for!)

Verve//Remixed LP. Nina Simone. Take Care of Business. Pilooski Edit. Ex £25
(The only way to get it on legal vinyl)

The Commodores. Don't You Be Worried. MoWest. Ex £10

Thanks for Looking


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