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NEW CENTURY SOUL Well what can i say....?


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Well what can i say....?

There aren't many promoters these days who would have the courage to hold their 1st allnighter in a room the size of a small country!

But, the boys from the N.C.S.C. did.... and boy, they managed to pull it off in true Brinks Matt style!

Those who were there know what i'm talking about.

So, i would just like to say 'THANKS' and 'WELL DONE' to

Messrs Waterman, Crank, Cope & Bicknell for having the balls to go for it regardless and for having the faith in us to turn up!

All the Dj's did great spots and played some really great sounds. But the best spot of the night definitedly goes to our Karl Rhodes!

He walked into the CIS Dj arena the underdog - but walked out the supreme champion!!

People like Karl are what niters are all about -

Genuine, Dedicated, Humble, with fantastic taste and a record collection to match!

I would like to think that after all the effort and hard work the lads of the N.C.S.C. have put into this venue .... i'd like to think the least we can do is turn up.

This venue has the makings of becomming a truly great allnighter

..... but wether it will or not is in our hands...

and all we have to do is enjoy ourselves...

It really is that easy!!

So - i'll be seeing you all at the next one

Till then .... Take care

Joan xx

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Well to Joan and at least the other 650 or more who turned out in mass to support us WE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS...... You made the first NCSC allnighter go with a bang and we can only get bigger and better....................Promoters Lee Crank and Chris Waterman have made and will continue to make every effort to put on a quality event which it was on December 6th, the passion, commitment and pure quality of the event was magic and I for one was very proud of the guys and more importantly your support and it was a pleasure to be part of a new era of the Northern Soul scene in the North West.

Every effort has been made to continue in the future and we intend to offer the best we can and will book the best possible DJ's to give us the perfect mix of music, the next date on January 31st will be a huge night and we look forward to your generous support, remember it's your night, your scene and as Joan said it's about having a good time and with your help we can make that happen.

A big thank you to all the DJ's and everyone who helped to promote and push the event, respect to Mike Hughes and all at Soulsource, Paul at On The Scene, Manifesto, Echoes, Blues and Soul, Solar Radio, Jazz FM and everyone who made it happen.

Keep It Real - Mark Bicknell.

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When I was approached to do a feature on NCSS I told both Lee and Chris they were brave - I was wrong they're bloody heroes and what they did on Saturday night gave the Northern scene a seriously needed kick in the pants. I brought some mainstream clubbers with me and was delighted when they said that the music was the best thing they'd heard in a long time - understatement.

Congrats lads for a job well done and here's to the rest in a long long run!

Soulful love Deb Troops BBCi Clubbing


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