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Group, Harmony, Sweet & Low Rider 45's For Sale:


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  Group, Harmony, Sweet & Lowrider 45’s For Sale:


The Earls   It’s Been A Long Time Coming/My Lonely Room   ABC   W/D   Mint   £30.00

Three Strangers   Little Boy Blue/I’ll Be Alright   ABC- Paramount   W/D   Mint-   £75.00   SOLD

(Two great Philly group sides)

The Tams   Silly Little Girl/Weep Little Girl   ABC-Paramount   Mint   £15.00

The Fascinations   Mama Didn’t Lie/Someone Like You   ABC-Paramount   Mint   £25.00

The Carltons   I’m A Man/Keep On Hoping    Argo   Mint-   £40.00

The Imperial Wonders   Trying To Get To You    Black Prince   Mint    £25.00

9th Creation   I’m Still Your Friend/Skin It Back   Clarama   W/D   Mint-   £75.00

The Stereos   I Can’t Stop These Tears   Cadet   Demo   Mint-   £25.00

The Donations    I’m Going To Treat You Good   Dee’ O   Mint   £25.00

The Presidents   I Want My Baby/Gold Walk   Deluxe   Mint-   £25.00

Brenda & The Tabulations   That’s The Price You Have To Pay   Dion   W/D   Mint-   £25.00

The Superbs   Baby’s Gone Away   Dore   Demo   Mint-   £40.00

The Superbs   The Wind Is Blowing/Better Get Your Own Buddy   Dore   Demo   Mint   £75.00

The Augustine Twins   Everyday Of My Life/My Place   Duke   Mint   £25.00

The Five Crowns   Just A Part Of Life   Five-O   VG++   £30.00

Little Frankie Lee   Don’t Make Me Cry/Full Time Lover   The Great Scott Record Co   Mint-   £50.00

(This is the first local Texas  slow version before Don Robey picked it up and speeded it up on Peacock.)

Johnny & The Expressions   Boys & Girls Together/Give Me One More Chance   Josie   Mint   £40.00

The Perfections   And Then The Sun Went Down/Never Let Me Go   Jubilee    W/D   VG++   £40.00

Windy City   I Still Love You   Kelli-Arts   Mint   £25.00

Four Tees   One More Chance/Funky Duck   Mint   £30.00

Ster-Tels   What More Can I Ask For   Lamarr   Mint -   £12.00

Fabulous Holidays   I’m So Glad/Too Many Times   Marathon   VG+   £30.00

Holidays   Lazy Day/Ego Tripping   Marathon   Mint   £10.00

1+1   Been So Long   M.O.C  Records   Demo   Mint   £20.00

Chocolate Syrup   Who You Tryin’ To Fool Girl/Everybody Party   MVTH   Mint   £30.00

The Five Wagers   Until I Found You/You’re my World   Nation Time Records   Mint   £15.00

Wilton Crump   Think It Through/Give Your Love To Me   Olive Branch   Mint

The Soul Three   Temptation Walk   Omen   VG++   £25.00

The Entertainers   Why ?/Po Boy   Ovide   Mint   £15.00

Masters Of Soul   Sad Face   Ovide   Mint   £25.00

Toni & The Hearts   Thank You Baby   Path   Mint-   £15.00

The Insights   Love And Peace Of Mind/Tuen Me On Sweet Rosie   Peacock   Demo    Mint-   £30.00

The Cheers   (I’m Not Ready To) Settle Down/Mighty, Mighty, Lover   Penny   Mint   £30.00

The Webs   Tomorrow/This Thing Called Love   Popside   Mint   £15.00

The Tempos   Don’t Leave Me/I Need You   Riley’s   Mint   £30.00

The Holidays   The Love We Share/This Is Love   Rob-Ron  VG++   £35.00

The Thoughts   Plain As The Nose On Your Face  SO   Mint   £40.00

The Versatiles   Cry Like A Baby/Lonely Man   Staff   Mint-   £50.00

The Courtship   Last Row, First Balcony/It’s The Same Old Love   Tamla   Mint   £25.00

5 Wagers   Come On And Ask Me   Tiarra   Mint   £15.00

Connie McGill & The Visions   Peace Of Mind/I Wanna Be Yours   Triode   VG++   £40.00

The Notations   A New Day/At The Crossroads   Twinight   Mint    £40.00

The Notations   I Can’t Stop/I’m Still Here   Twinight   Mint   £25.00   SOLD

The Intentions   Time/Cool Summer Nights   Uptown   Mint   £40.00

The Chanteurs   You’ve Got A Great Love   Vee-Jay   Mint   £15.00

(Early Chi-Lites)

The Ballads   I Wish I Knew   Venture   Mint   £20.00

The Precisions   What Would You Do/The Love (I Found In You)   Wild   Mint   £80.00


Postage: 1-3 45’s = £3.00 (1st/recorded, UK) Overseas at cost.


To reserve PM or E-mail: david.welding@blueyonder.co.uk



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