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Event guide event view Item layout


minor upgrade to the event view layouts - single event view mainly

tested etc but as always if you do spot any glitches let us know



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soul source url

Hi Admin,

What has happened to the 'Soul Radio Guide' link that used to be on the 'Events' page?

Nights, Nigthers, Weekenders, Dayers are all still there.

FYI 'Soul Radio Guide' can still be accessed via :- https://www.soul-source.co.uk/calendar/5-soul-radio-guide/

Is this an omission or are we to use the Media pages to list Radio events now?


John Green

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soul source url

post in feedback a few weeks ago regarding the radio show guide

link follows

when time allows the current plan is to replace the radio guide with a more stand alone less demanding setup

the media guide can be used for radio show announcements, though best if keep the posts to one per show/week


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soul source url

Must have missed that post.

Many Thanks.

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soul source url

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