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Marge Dodson Be Your Baby

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The Issue is pretty rare M- £800

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On 13/05/2019 at 22:47, CheltSoulNights said:

The Issue is pretty rare



I think you got your prices wrong there mate, youve added a zero too many! Its not that rare a record and certainly not in demand and certainly not worth £800! Last issue went for £45 or so on eBay if it was that rare then it would have attracted loads of mouse clicking punters hiking the price up whilst the auction was running! Other issue copies have mostly hit the £100+ mark, Manship had one for £200 few years ago but then he has loads of so so semi known played/known records on at that price hoping someone will bite and buy it as an investment in the vain hope that it will be a "biggie". Thats my pennys worth on the topic anyway :)


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