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Northern Soul Ripples -The Waterboys


throw a stone...

apparently this was inspired after the lead singer of The Waterboys heard Robert Parker's "Let's Go Baby" at a northern soul night in Dublin


quite good to me  for what it is

Then Scott "feel in love" with American R&B singer Robert Parker's "Let's Go Baby" after hearing it at a Northern Soul disco in Dublin. "I thought, 'I'd like to do this song' and then thought about putting the Lord Buckley thing over it, at the beginning and the end." With a biting guitar riff propelling the track, "it worked out great, and it turned into what you hear on the record." For the video, meanwhile, Scott took his mobile phone and a selfie stick around the side streets of Tokyo as he sang the song, complete with Godzilla-sized sneering close-ups.

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Yep. Pretty good.

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