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Baby Washington 'that's how...' different mixes Q?

Look At Your Box Tlscapital


Moons ago, I got my first 45 press of this wonderful record on USA Sue. It was a white promo release as shown on here below. Having set my mind to collect my Sue records as stockers with the white graphic (either vinyl or styrene), it was soon replaced with a vinyl stock copy. Last copy I bought to offer for sale is this last variation of the stocker shown on here. Played it to friends and heard it sounds different to mine. It sounds like it could be a STEREO mix of some sort. My phono is only MONO !!!

Having heard through the decades a lot of mixes variations with some Sue 45's depending on their pressing plant, I am now curious as to what is the "story" between those. The promo has a matrix that says 'SR-1087' but I don't recall it being different. Or is it ? The stocker I have now shows 'ST-1084' and it's the most common mix that made the 'HIT' version as issued in other countries. Then this last vinyl copy on a paler orange label with smaller letterings for her name and 'SR-1084-X'. Anyone ?

339186968_Capturedcran2019-04-2310_02_42.png.3b23b96ddb051a4fffbcddf2c6777f6b.png 302892946_Capturedcran2019-04-2310_03_07.png.9a668698ebe7c4365706e35c90588209.png 28661400_Capturedcran2019-04-2310_03_23.png.8095133d20fc2d0a7fff00e7f5d829aa.png

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Hey Tim

My copy is the paler orange I will check it out re-mono/stereo. Have to find it first

Cheers Paul

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