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Hello and welcome to the K-Mart Records April 2019 sales list!


Another long and strong list heaving with heavies, fantastic music in all sections. Some highlights listed below.


Modern Soul/2 step 45’s - classics by the likes of Clausel, Target, Gary Bartz, Freedom (“Sunshine”/”Can’t you see”) & Midnight “Keep on walking by”. More obscure but equally great ones like Cliff Holmes “I need ya’ baby”, Timmy Thomas “It’s what they can’t see”, Bobby Finch “Get a hold of yourself”. Two step from Epicenter, Annexus, Bob Poiter and Charles Blackman.


Crossover/funk/NS 45’s - Betty Moorer “Speed up”, Aretha Franklin “One step ahead” b/w “I can’t wait until I see my baby’s face”, Vibrettes (“Humpty dimp”, on rarer green label), Dee Irwin & Mamie Galore “I didn’t wanna do it, but I did” and cheaper NS classics by Ad Libs, Barbara Mills, Prince Philip and Gene Chandler x2.


The ballad 45 section is short but sweet including clean copies of Sly, Slick & Wicked’s Shaker rarity and Berganees Chicago double header. Two Fellows on Mutt and the overlooked but fantastic Patti Austin “A most unusual boy”.


12 inch section includes China Burton, Tommy McGee x2, Garfield Fleming and Ty Karim & George Griffin.


LP section holds a bunch of low to mid priced ones such as Solid Solution (filled with Detroit goodies), Strutt (with “Funky sign” and “Said you didn’t love me”), J.P. Rodgers Jr. “Good taste in love” and Buddy Miles Johnny Bristol produced “All the faces” album.


Finally a reminder that all payments £150 and above needs to be sent as gift, alternatively add 4% to cover the paypal fees. And that you select GBP in the second currency field (I don’t want to receive payments in USD nor SEK).


Best Regards, Karl


Modern Soul & Two Step 45’s


Bobby Finch - Get a hold of yourself - Bevnik / EX / £350 (Killer modern soul dancer, and so rare!)



Flipside - Havin’ a party / Music (Get’s me high) - Flipside / EX / £185 (Two heavy sides of party soul. Four tiny dots on he HAP-side.)




David Sheffield - You’re wrong, you’re wrong - Stone Lady / EX / £175 (Killer atmospheric modern soul dancer which should go big. YWYW-side has two large label tears.)



Cliff Holmes - I need ya’ baby - Instant / VG+ / £175 (Killer modern soul dancer on this iconic label. Last copy I had I sold for £400, a few turned up recently but still a solid rarity. Record and label has light staining, plays well and still look decent.)



Target - Give me one more chance - Kama / VG+ / £160 (Now classic modern soul dancer. Stain on flipside label, a few light marks and scuffs on vinyl. Dancer side plays well, the crap flip with some occasional background noise.)



Clausel - Let me love you - Up Right / EX / £150 (White promo copy of this classic 1982 modern 45.)



Timmy Thomas - It’s what they can’t see - Glades / EX / £150 (Absolutely killer modern soul, such a feelgood beauty. Serious TK rarity that you don’t see around. Label has BB hole.)



Annexus - Dream girl / That feeling called love - Aspro / EX / £120 (Very rare Detroit indie label modern soul, same label as the Otis G Johnson etc.)



Gary Bartz - Music is my sanctuary - Capitol / EX / £110 (Heavy indemand for this jazzy club classic. Label has a A written on it, flipside a B accompanied with a small scribbling.)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndNQxdURAQM (45 edit is 3:40)



Freedom - Sunshine / Can’t you see - Freedom / EX / £110 (Great double header from the group who went on to have some success with three albums for the Malaco label. Clean yellow label copy.)




100% Pure Poison - You keep coming back - EMI / EX / £110 (Clean UK original of this indemand classic.)



James Walsh Gypsy Band - Cuz it’s you, girl - Rca / EX / £90 (Excellent blue eyed modern classic. Same sided yellow demo copy, one label side is clean but the other has two stickers and large writing.)



Peggy Scott - Things have more meaning now - Old Town / EX / £70 (Scarce black/pink/yellow demo copy of this amazing and super soulful midtempo dancer. One label side has a date rubber stamp.)



Limmie - Saturday night’s the night - Psycho / EX / £60 (Two excellent slabs of UK modern soul, both dancers. Date stamp on label.)




Symbol 8 - I thought you wanted to dance - Shock / EX / £60 (The smoother re-make, killer modern soul for the dancefloor. Same sided white demo)



Virgil Henry - I’ll be true - Colossus / EX / £55 (Killer dancer, such a joyous Jerry Ross production.)



Al Hudson & Soul Partners - I’m about lovin’ you - Atco / VG- / £50 (Classic! Vinyl absolutely covered in light marks, fine for DJing with the dancer side only playing with light occasional background noise. Ballad flip plays poor. Label has small writing and shows some aging.)



Got-Cha - Makin’ love to ya’ - Sterling Disc / EX / £50 (The rawer vinyl release version, excellent modern dancer out of NYC. Small writing on label.)



Delegation - The promise of love / It only happens when I look at you - State/Mca / EX / £50 (Very rare issue copy with two fab modern soul dancer, flip is a cover of the Aretha/Jackie Wilson track. Their best! Sticker on label.)




Frank & James - You got the love I need / How long is forever - White Enterprises / EX / £45 (Magic midtempo modern dancer! Flip is an uptempo dancer which was released before on the Smooth City label but that release had a different flipside.)




Midnight - Keep on walking by - Hansa / EX/EX / £45 (German pressing of this superb Philly sounding modern dancer. Small sticker on picture sleeve.)



Dee Dee Warwick - Funny how we change places / Get out of my life - Private Stock / EX / £40 (Solid modern dancer that was also released on Rca and by Debra Anderson on Musicor.)



Lost Family - Blow my mind / Pretty face - Innovation II / EX / £40 (Excellent Chicago double header, dancer backed with ballad.)




Milton Wright - Ooh ooh ooh I like it / Brothers and sisters - Alston / EX / £35 (Two great sides of driving, groovy Miami disco. I also a 12 inch of this available further below in case you prefer this format. It’s cheaper too.)




Bob Poitier - Baby I need you / Fantasy lady - Miami International / EX / £35 (Excellent two step backed by decent modern midtempo, obscure Florida indie.)




Epicenter feat Sandra Feva - You can’t come up in here no more - Krisma / VG+ / £35 (Killer two step, this woman can sing! Vinyl is clean apart from a couple of superficial scuffs which does not affect play.)



Barbara Hall - You brought it on yourself / Drop my heart off at the door - Innovation II / EX / £30 (Excellent Sam Dees penned double header, dancer backed with ballad. Red outer circle label variation, styrene.)




Jesus Alvarez - Please stay don’t go - Vibration / EX / £30 (The later, richer production version of this excellent modern dancer, white demo with logo.)



Johnny Scott - Let me be a winner - Portra / EX / £30 (Short version without the spoken intro, excellent modern soul dancer.)



Entertainers - I’m in love with you - HMC / EX / £30 (Feelgood midtempo modern version of the Bobby Patterson/George Jackson song. Rounded logo label variation)



Sunfire - Step in da light - Warner Brothers / EX/EX / £30 (Classic boogie, UK only on 45 and a rare one. Complete with company sleeve.)



Bridge - Baby don’t hold your love back - Atlantic / VG+ / £25 (One of the best ever modern dancers. Demo copy, labels has a bit of wear and tear from H2O exposure. One side decent, one towards the ugly side.)



Keni Burke - Let somebody love you - Rca / EX / £25 (Rarer issue copy of this modern/disco evergreen.)



Whatnauts - Help is on the way - Harlem International / EX / £25 (Classic, with that classic bassline.)



Richard Darbyshire - This I swear - Dome/EMI / EX/VG+ / £25 (1993 modern soul dancer. Picture sleeve has a little smudge from removed sticker.)



NYCC - Make every day count - Rca / EX / £25 (Vinyl issue copy of this superb gospel/disco/modern soul banger.)



Joneses - Movin-on - Posse / EX / £25 (Great modern from Glenn Dorsey and his group.)



Sylvester - Over and over - Fantasy / VG+ / £20 (Soulful disco classic. Sticker on label.)



Frankie Sanders - Take another look / Blues time in Birmingham - Juana / EX / £20 (Classic double header, dancer vs deep.)




Ecstasy - It’s good for you - Harlem International / VG+/EX / £20 (Solid modern soul with Sylvers styled vocals. Vinyl is clean apart from a small scratch on b-side which creates a few pops. Number written on pic sleeve.)



David Ruffin - Rode by the place / You’re my peace of mind - Motown / EX / £20 (Two killer sides off his 1977 Van McCoy arranged album “In my stride”.)




David Ruffin - Walk away from love - Motown / EX / £5 (Evergreen classic! Sticker on label flipside.)



Jobell & the Orchestra De Salsa - Never gonna let you go - Jan / EX / £18 (Early second press with clear green label and missing arrangers name.)



Mike Jemison - You’ll never get my love - Lake / EX / £18 (Lovely modern soul cheapie.)



Dennis Rowland - I want you to myself - Saxville / EX/EX / £18 (Modern/boogie dancer. Clean copy complete with picture sleeve.)



Herman H. Harper - Headed for the streets - Loadstone / EX / £18 (Deep 1977 modern dancer. Same SF label as California Playboys and Jacqueline Jones.)



Futures - Party time man - PIR / EX / £15 (Classic Philly, ex NS biggie. Clean copy complete with company sleeve.)



Bradford - Sho-be-do-be-do - Zanzibar / EX / £15 (Amazing two step, remember a friend calling the beat provokingly slow.)



Tata Vega - I need you now - Tamla / EX / £15 (White demo of this excellent modern dancer.)



Ze-Brass - Feels so good - Atlantic/RFC / EX / £15 (Soulful boogie/disco dancer, tricky to find on 45. Vinyl demo copy)



Ray Crumley - All the way in love with you - Alarm / EX / £15 (Nice cheapie dancer from the Solid Gold Revue singer.)



Lowrell Simon - Love massage - Zoo York / EX / £15 (1981 party classic from this highly talented Chicago artist.)



Whirlwind - Don’t let him get the best of you - Roulette / EX / £15 (Lovely and classic modern soul dancer, flip ain’t bad either.)




Mystic Moods - Cosmic sea - Warner Brothers / EX / £12 (Green label first press of this funky, trippy club classic.)



Truth - Touch me - Devaki / VG+ / £10 (Gold label copy of this solid modern dancer. Record has a few scuffs, plays well. Tiny writing on flipside.)



Salsoul Orchestra - Run away - Salsoul / VG+ / £12 (Classic soulful disco with Loleatta Holloway singing.)



Gail Eason - Love’s gonna find you - A&M / EX / £12 (Great modern/disco also made by Judy Clayton.)



Funkhouse Express - Chase your blues away - Roxbury / EX / £10 (Great driving dancer. Please note that the long version of this doesn’t play great because of the crammed grooves.)



Gospel Truth - Uphill peace of mind - Kayvette / EX / £8  (Nice dance version of this great F Knight track. BB hole through label.)



Jackson Sisters - Boy you’re dynamite - Mums / EX / £8 (White demo of this great midtempo modern dancer. Stereo label side is clean, mono one has staining)



Wreckin Crew - You don’t care / Found the groove - Newman / EX / £8 (Second label, two great Chicago dance sides.)




Powerful People - (Little girl) Say yes - Epic / EX / £8 (1977 feel good modern soul dancer. Demo copy, comes in company sleeve.)



Soul Tune All Stars – Natural feeling / World – Soul Tune / EX / £8 (New release with two excellent sides of retro soul by a local Stockholm constellation.)




C.B. Overton - Superstar lady - Shock / EX / £6 (Killer modern soul dance cheapie that comes highly recommended.)



Buck - It’s going to be alright - Playboy / VG+ / £6 (Lovely, bubbly feel good modern.)



McFadden & Whitehead - Always room for one more - TSOP / EX / £5 (Superb, overlooked feel good modern soul dancer.)



Front Row - Wanting you / my love my song - TBC / EX / £5 (Classic 1983 modern soul indie.)



Mandré - Solar flight - Motown / EX / £5 (Classic disco instrumental with a spacy feel. UK copy complete with company sleeve.)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNsiP8dZYg8 (45 version is of course a shorter edit)


David Bendeth - Feel the real (Again) / Make it pop - Ensign / EX / £5 (Two sides of excellent, soulful jazz funk. “Feel”-side has a few light pops in the runout. UK original complete with company sleeve.)



Johnny Bristol - I sho like groovin’ with ya - Atlantic / EX / £5 (Demo copy of this awesome classic.)



Charles Blackman - Special - F&P / EX / £5 (Recommended little two step cheapie! No soundfile but buy it blind and be happily surprised.)


Northern & Crossover Soul 45’s


Betty Moorer - Speed up / It’s my thing - Wand / EX / £175 (The punchier, funkier version of this classic allnighter spin. X on label, rarely seen DJ/black text label variation.)




Aretha Franklin - One step ahead / I can’t wait until I see my baby’s face - Columbia / VG / £90 (Two lovely sides from the Queen of Soul, “One step ahead” gets my vote for best side but her version of the well covered flip is great as well. Issue copy with lots of light marks, “One step ahead” plays with light background noise in the later part of the song, flipside plays well.)




Dee Irwin & Mamie Galore – I didn’t wanna do it, but I did – Imperial / EX / £90 (Clean audition/demo copy of this sleeper. Killer crossover soul with hip hop drums. Destined for big things once it gets more widely known.)



Vibrettes - Humpty dump - Lujon / EX / £75 (Rarer green label of this classic funk cut.)



Dee Clark - That’s my girl / Come closer - Constellation / VG / £75 (Classic dance track! I’m sure we all had our ears hurting from the piercing flute when played out in a club at some point. Flip is great too. Blue label copy with record number C-120. Record has scuffs and staining, plays with some very light background noise in places. Fine for DJing as they say. “DJ Copy” has been crossed out with black marker.)




Fred Hughes - Don’t let me down - Vee-Jay / EX / £70 (Moody Detroit NS dancer with production credits to Mike Terry. Oval design, stock copy.)



Fred Hughes - Oo wee baby, I love you - Vee-Jay / VG+ / £6 (Fantastic Chicago soul cheapie!)



Chuck Overton - I’m so thankful / Is it possible - Kapp/Tri-City / EX / £60 (White demo of this excellent Detroit double header. One side uses the same backing as Perfections “Get on down”.) )




Ann Sexton - You’ve been gone too long - Seventy-Seven / EX / £60 (Classic! Vietnam protest song, it recently occured to me. But all of you might have realized that from the start. Yellow/orange fade design, second press on this label.)



Lil’ Soul Brothers - I’ve got heartaches - D-Town / VG+ / £55 (Superb kiddie soul cut! These prepubescent brothers knows everything there is to know about heartaches, because they had them. Even if you don’t wanna buy it don’t miss out on the TV performance linked below, it’s pure magic. Tiny writing on label, says “5c”. Vinyl has a few light marks, plays great.)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8UmPIbzECM (TV show)


Clarence Yarbrough - Everybody needs love - Little Dilla / EX / £50 (Feelgood midtempo xover dancer.)



Prince Phillip - Keep on talking - Smash / EX / £35 (Excellent driving NS dancer. Promo copy complete with company sleeve.)



Ann Byers - Dead end - Academy / VG / £30 (Happy go lucky NS, nice one! Light marks only, plays ok. White part of label has a tear, so hard to tell.)



Little Anthony & the Imperials - Better use your head - Veep / EX / £30 (NS classic! No pic sleeve unfortunately.)



Shirelles - Last minute miracle - Scepter / VG+ / £25 (Great sound quality styrene press of this lovely girl group/NS dancer.)



Gene Chandler - Bet you never thought - Constellation / EX / £20 (Another classic from Gene, and one of his best early ones. Half circle logo label design.)



Gene Chandler - Nothing can stop me - Constellation / VG / £8 (Fantastic dancer from the pen of Curtis Mayfield. Well playing VG with light marks only, ballad flip plays with light background noise. Writing on label.)



Bernard Calvin - TLC (Tender loving care) - Ambush / EX / £20 (Quality funky northern that could go big.)



Barbara & Brenda - If I’m hurt you’ll feel the pain - Dynamo / EX / £20 (Lovely 60’s soul classic. White label but doesn’t say promo. Bell Sound in runout.)



Cookie Scott - Funny changes - Orr / EX / £20 (Coral green copy of this excellent midtempo  crossover soul cut.)



Johnny Williams - I made a mistake / Baby be mine - Bashie / EX / £20 (White demo of this nice Chicago soul double header.)




Mighty Joe Young - Tell me something / Henpecked - Celtex / EX / £18 (Two sides of obscure Chicago soul.)



Don Fletcher - Two wrongs (Don’t make a right) / I’m so glad - Peacock / EX / £18 (Excellent Impressions styled midtempo, with a R&B flavored NS dancer on the flip.)




Ad Libs - Nothing worse than being alone - Share  EX / £12 (NS evergreen! BB hole through label.)



Insights - Love and peace of mind - Peacock / EX / £10 (Midtempo 60s soul pearl.)



James Govan - You get a lot to like / Something - Fame / EX / £10 (Southern soul dancer, backed with a Beatlers cover.)




Barbara Mills - Queen of fools - Hickory / EX / £10 (NS oldie that still has a fresh sound. Sticker on label.)



Billy Cee - Don’t matter to me - GSF / EX / £10 (White demo of this midtempo crossover plodder.)



Hewitt - Is it me - Wee / EX / £8 (Vinyl copy of this excellent Bay area soul cut, highly recommended!!)



Travis Ricks - Little girl don’t you cry / No need to cry - Ordell / EX / £8 (Two sides of early soul, from a guy who apparently knows a great deal about crying.)




Willie Smith - I got a new thing - Genuine / EX / £8 (Funky NYC soul. Two X on label)



Johnny Otis - Don’t it make you feel good - Jazz World / EX / £5 (Excellent funky soul! Initials written on label.)



Dramatics - Whatcha see is whatcha get - Volt / EX / £5 (Such a classic, and the powerful intro to the Wattstax documentary.)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_P6ZWUJIa0 (Wattstax)


Ballad/Deep/Sweet/Group Harmony 45’s


Sly, Slick & Wicked - Turn on your love lite / We don’t have to be lovers - Shaker / EX / £400 (Super clean copy of this immense sweet soul double header, both sides are fantastic. By far the rarest record by this fantastic Cleveland, Ohio group.)




Berganees – ‘Cause I love you / Time is gonna change – Artist-Ville / EX / £200 (Immense Chicago sweet soul double header. Lucky to get hold of another copy, amazing stuff!)




Two Fellows - Yea, yea, yea, yea / Stop (Don’t give up your loving) - Mutt / EX / £55 (Killer ballad somewhere between sweet and deep soul. Flip is a charming midtempo cut. Tiny mark on label. Detroit 45 hard to find in clean condition.)




Marie “Queenie” Lyons - Try me / Drown in my own tears - De Luxe / EX / £18 (Nice deep soul backed with R&B flavored dancer.)




Obrey Wilson - She used to be mine / Love will be right there - Epic / EX / £15 (Lowrider oldie styled deep soul, backed with NS.)




Patti Austin - A most unusual boy / I wanna be loved - Coral / EX / £10 (Killer slowie with a Impressions sound, just lovely. Flip is nice midtempo 60s soul. Yellow demo.)




Ann Byers - Gotta get you back - Power Exchange / EX / £6 (Amazing piece of slow soul, somewhere between crossover and deep soul. UK original complete with company sleeve, money saver to the expensive american Virtue release.)



Lost Generation - The sly, the slick and the wicked - Brunswick / EX / £5 (Amazing classic, everytime I hear it I get reminded what a tremendous beauty it is.)



Soul & Disco 12’s


Garfield Fleming - Don’t send me away - Becket / EX/EX / £200 (Superb indemander! Here on the superior 12 inch mix. Promo copy, small tear on label, with company sleeve.)




China Burton - You don’t care (About our love) - Logo / EX / £200 (Killer UK disco, so deep and so soulful!)



Ty Karim & George Griffin - Keep on doin’ whatcha’ doin’ - Kon-Kord / VG+ / £100 (Sought after modern soul, basically the same song as Johnny Bristols monster “If I can’t stop you”. Plays clean but “Catch action”-side has a long mark which does not affect play.)



Tommy McGee - Now that I have you - TMG / EX / £70 (1990 release with both sides of the original 45 plus the “Hip kik” mix only available here.)




Tommy McGee - Now that I have you - American Dream / EX / £70 (Killer 1984 re-make only available on this 12 incher.)



Epicenter feat Sandra Feva - You can’t come up in here no more - Krisma / EX/VG+ / £70 (Cover clean apart from a tiny damage close to the opening edge.)



Tolbert - I’ve got it - Jazzman / EX / £60 (Including both the original version and a previously unissued 12 inch version only found here. Limited 2008 release which sold out quickly and now in high demand.)



Clausel - Let me love you - Up Right / VG+ / £45 (With the far superior long version. Long version side has writing plus a little fade on label. If you have a 45 fetish it’s a copy available on this list too, at three times the cost and again in a less good version. :)



Jay Player - Love is the answer - Bevnik/ EX / £30 (The red faded to white label, unofficial press of this classic modern soul dancer.)



Teddy Pendergrass - Believe in love - Elektra / EX / £18 (With the indemand “Phat Phili Mix”, killer modern soul dancer!)



Milton Wright - Ooh ooh ooh I like it / Brothers and sisters - T.K. Disco / EX / £18 (Two great sides of driving, groovy Miami disco. )




Billy White - Come to me woman - D.C.P. / EX / £6 (Still cheap and great Washington, D.C. modern soul/two step indie.)



Rene & Angela - Secret rendezvous - Champion / EX/VG+ / £5 (Classic! And only on 12 inch in this UK release and another european one.)



Soul Albums


J.P. Rodgers Jr. - Good taste in love - Inculcation / EX / £70 (Generic sleeve album release which holds a few killer modern soul cuts: “I enjoy your love”, “All my lovin’”, “Won’t you give me your love” & “Body groove”.)






Solid Solution - Loving you - Silver Spoon / EX/EX / £45 (Superb Detroit soul LP, only one dud track and rest being very enjoyable listening. With the fantastic dancer “Think about it, girl” and the equally good crossover midtempo “L.O.V.E.” as well as solid ballads like “Lovin’ you”)






Flavor - In good taste - Ju-Par  EX/EX / £15 (Motown distributed release with the great LP only two step/rare groove dancer “One way ticket”. Cover has tiny cut out saw mark.)



Strutt - Time moves on - Brunswick / EX/EX / £15 (With two excellent xover dancers in “Funky sign” and “Said you didn’t love him”. Cover has cut corner.)




Buddy Miles - All the faces of - Columbia / EX/EX / £12 (1975 album with three killer Johnny Bristol written dancers, “We got love”, “I’m just a kiss away” and the album only “Got to find ms Right”. Cover has cut corner, clean apart from that.)





Brandye - Crossover to Brandye - Kayvette / EX/EX £8 (“How long”, same song as Thelma Jones, and “You accuse me” being the standouts on this 1978 album. Saw cut out mark, label are stuck on a bit poorly on one side.)




J. Jocko - That’s the song - Kama Sutra / EX/EX / £8 (With the great modern dancer “I’m gettin’ over”. Cover is clean but has cut out saw mark.)



YBS - s/t - Ariola America / EX/EX / £8 (With “I could love but on boy”, amazing midtempo to play alongside tracks like Bernadette Bascom, 3 Ounces of Love “In the middle of a feeling” etc. Also holds a nice version of the ultra rare C Coulter song “I just can’t fight the feeling”.)



Jerry Butler - You & me - Mercury / EX/VG+ / £8 (1970 album with a all star production team including Gamble & Huff and Donny Hathaway joining the ice man. Personal standout here being his version of “Ordinary Joe”. Cover is clean apart from two flaws - small tear from remove sticker and a 3cm long damage to title spine.)





Major Harris - My way - Atlantic / EX/EX/ £6 (With the fab Philly soul dancers “Loving you is mellow” and “Two wrongs”. Cover as new and still in shrink but has a small saw cut out mark.)




Two Tons - Backatcha - Fantasy/Honey / EX/VG+ / £6 (“I been down” - killer version of the Sylvester song. Perfect two step with a dance beat. Cover has partial seal sticker and damage from it being removed.)



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