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A Nickel And A Nail - post free this weekend!

If you are off on your holidays soon, now is a fab time to pick up a pool-side book or two - loads of soul literature in stock at A Nickel And a Nail. Also quote FREEPOST1 at checkout for free UK delivery this bank holiday weekend. 

We've had some great titles over the past 12 months so far, we still have some in stock. Stuff like:

Soulful Kinda Music Guide to Philadelphia Soul - Dave Rimmer 

Jerry O by Keith Rylatt

Shake your hips. The Excello Records - Randy Fox

Spinning Around. Story of the soul LP Vol.2 - John Lias

Harlem 69 - Stuart Cosgrove 

and loads more - have a browse, we also stock original soul related sheet music, mags and fanzines, picture cover 45s. 

Follow the link https://a-nickel-and-a-nail.myshopify.com/collections/books?sort_by=created-descending





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