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Lowrider and northern up for grabs

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The Flint Emeralds"It's all a bad dream/You don't know that i love you"Coconut Grooove VG++ $200.00


The Class Mates"You Can Do Me Some Good/ I'm Sold On Your Love"Bright Star VG++ $200.00


Delorise Berry"Crying Won't Help You Now/No Other Girl"RARE Gator issue VG++ $150.00"SOLD""

Chubby and the Turnpikes"I know the inside story/I Didn't Try Capitol Demo Clean VG/VG+ plays out well $130.00



Ronnie Walker"Thanks To You/You're The One Phillips WLP VG++/M- $125.00"SOLD"

Janice Christian"Just A Bad Thing/Promises"Swan Demo Clean VG/VG+ plays with some slight crackle in the beginning $115.00

The Interpreters"Be Kind To Love/Pretty Little Thing"Abet VG- plays well getting harder to find $100.00

Jus'Brothers"She Broke His Heart/Things will be better"Empire" G+/VG- plays decent getting harder to find w.o.l $90.00

The Insiders"I'm Better Off Without You/I'm Just A Man"RCA Demo VG- $75.00


The Fabulous Mustangs"I'll Find Happieness/ I Won't Let You Go"Stang"G+/VG- KILLER sl8ce of ohio sweet soul plays with some crackle $75.00

Bobbi Smith"Walk into my heart/Miss stronghearted"First issue black with no lines Looks G+ plays solid VG good for dj spins $60.00

Otis Leavil"I'm Amazed/Just a memory"Limelight Demo M- $50.00

Black and Beautiful,Soul and Madness"Beautiful Black Woman/Black and Beautiful" Jihad G+ $50.00


All prices are in U.S.D...discs will be shipped as gift with low value

"NO HOLDS" sorry










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