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Anyone know for sure if the purple issue copies of ARTUS  -  You are better  (AXIS Records) are genuine US 1st or legal 2nd pressings or boots,  also came out on a yellow label Axis, but credited to ARTUS SATTERFIELD (and a West Coast address, not the NJ on the purple label).

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I always thought the purple one was the first issue ? I have his tough one on Big Ben which was also put on on London House. He cut some nice stuff as Bobby Black also and also Art Taurus, and yes to New Jersey. Yellow Axis is a label variation he cut dont cry baby and hot pants on the same colour.hope this helps very nice records to have I had about 12 copies of you are better at one point but there all went,the record does not turn up very often now? 

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Hi Baz, looks like ' You are better' came out first on the Yellow (with Englewood NJ address, not Inglewood LA !) credited to ARTUS SATTERFIELD, then on same no but with Irvington, NJ address, credited to ARTUS on the purple label ? Also other later releases on AXIS with a Walnut Street address.  Still not too sure, then.

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