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Comp recommendations - classy '60s female midtempo?

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Hello all, 

I'm looking for a nice, easy to find one-disc (CD or LP, would prefer LP) compilation of classy '60s female midtempo numbers.. nothing too "academic" or exhaustive, I want it as a birthday gift for a buddy who's liked this sort of stuff in the past when I've played it for him, something that lends itself well to casual listening. Doesn't have to be super-rare stuff either (I'd put sound quality before that, as I've heard a few really shoddy-sounding comps over the years). Can you guys think of any off the top of your head that might fit the bill? I don't do comps much and I'd rather go with a safe bet than start guessing.. 


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Tricky to find female only mid tempo on CD and even harder on LP, but maybe something here-



Worth checking all the Ace "Where the Girls Are" volumes. You can listen to snippets of each track on the CD but some could be a bit too pop sounding unless you like girl groups.


An old CD that might be knocking around is "What More Can a Woman Do" on Westside. 


If you just want 60s females try https://www.cherryred.co.uk/product/looking-good-75-femme-mod-soul-nuggets/

Maybe only 20 or so tracks are what you're after. I quite like this one as a comp even though some tracks are not soul they sound OK together.


Another old one that is probably long gone is "Dream Dancers" on Soul Kitchen , not all female but nice mid tempo. Sound quality not great as it might not be quite kosher.


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Thank you very much Rick. I believe I've actually got one of the "Where the Girls Are" volumes somewhere myself, on LP; I agree with your description, they weren't strictly soul, more girl group, but still an enjoyable listen from what I recall. I should fish it out from wherever it's hiding and give it a spin, it's been ages. 

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Thank you. I looked it up and it turns out I already have that on LP - but it's on some weird unheard of label called something like "Music on Vinyl" or "Vinyl Only Records" (?) or something to that effect, and sounds pretty bad - this is actually what I had in mind when I wrote about sound quality in my initial post. It sounds as if many of the songs had been lifted off badly worn 45's and not even on good gear, and then EQ'd to death to compensate (making it even worse). I can't imagine that a Goldmine CD would sound like this, I'll check out the samples online. ATB. 

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