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Camera Settings Advise Needed


Up till last tear or thereabouts when I took a bit of video on my Panasonic DMC TZ7 digital camera I could transfer to my iPad using a lightning cable and be able to view and forward on. But I cannot do this anymore. Having looked at an old video on my laptop I can view a still of it. When I look at its properties it is saying it is recorded in quick time movie (mov). When I look at a new video’s properties it is saying it is recorded in M2TS file. This new setting is on both Sandisk and Toshiba sd cards. I have not intentionally changed any settings on the camera. I also have a NIKON Digital SLR which when I use it for video it is recorded in quick time movie (mov) which when loaded on to iPad is fine. I hope this makes sense to someone on Soul Source because it makes no sense to me. I look forward to any help in this matter.

Mick Perrins.

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No idea why it changed to that format however you can play those files with a VLC player software. For the iPad go to the app store and download 'VLC for Mobile'.


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