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June’s radio show plays


June's selection captures just a few of the 160 plus vinyl tracks that went out over the airwaves via Andy's weekly radio show. The first two both unreleased. There's a modern rework of The Temptations 1963 Motown classic by Whisky Barons then, from 2006 it's DJ Moose's 'male' version of 'Tribute to Betty'. Elsewhere there's a touch of new/recent releases, Popcorn, RnB/Mod, x-over, Northern, 7ts, rarer soul....

track list 

1.      Whisky Barons  ‘Love I can see’ Bogarts rework (Unreleased)

2.     DJ Moose  ‘Tribute to Betty’ (Unreleased)

3.     Mr Day  ‘Queen of the minstrels’ (Favorite)

4.     Arin Demain  ‘Silent treatment’ (Blue Star)

5.     The Cashmeres  ‘Don’t let the door hit your back’ (Helm)

6.     Carlton Jumel Smith  ‘This is the way love looks like’ (Timmion)

7.     Lack of Afro feat. Elliott Cole ‘Back to the day’ (Loa)

8.     Georgina Peach & The Savoys  ‘Perfidia’ (El Toro)

9.     Patti LaBelle & The Bluebells  ‘You forgot how to love’ (Atlantic)

10.   Fantastic Puzzles  ‘Come back’ (New Moon promo) 

11.    John Edwards  ‘How can I go on without you’ (Kent Select) 

12.   Maze feat Frankie Beverly  ‘Joy and pain’ (Capitol)

13.   Nicola Conte  ‘Free Souls’ (Schema)

14.   Alexis Evans  ‘I made a deal with myself’ (Record Kicks)

15.   Voices of East Harlem ‘Cashing in’ (Just Sunshine promo)

16.   Bobby Paterson  ‘I’m in love with you’ (Jetstar)

17.   Estelle Brown ‘Stick close’ (UA)

18.   Varetta Dillard  ‘You better come on home ‘ (Cub DJ)

19.   Jimmy Hughes  ‘My loving time’ (Guyden DJ)

20.   Dee Dee Sharp  ‘Deep dark secret’ (Cameo-Parkway DJ) 

21.   Joan Moody  ‘I can’t stay away’ (Kent Select)

22.   Ernestine Eady  ‘The change’  (Scepter)

23.   Betty Everett  ‘I’ve got a claim on you’ (one-derful)

24.   Marta Ren  ‘Worth it’ (Record Kicks)

25.   The Fantastic Four  ‘(I’m gonna) live up to what she thinks’ (Ric-Tic)


Edited by Andybellwood

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