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Marshall, Donovan, Broomfield... fair price?

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I have 2 singles by Marshall, Donovan, Broomfield which I wish to sell:

Let Me Down Easy/Since I Found My Baby Augusta AR 100

Let's Dance /That's Love                             Augusta AR 101

The problem I have in determining a price for the Let Me Down single is the address has been scratched out on both sides although the vinyl is near mint both sides.

What do you think would be a fair price for Augusta AR 100?

The other disc is unmarked and again is near mint.

Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like it might be a copy from Soul Bowl when it was a new discovery.  John Anderson did that to protect his sources and I don't think it would affect the price that much and still thinking you should get around £6/700 for it.

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imho   £700 ish for ' Since I Found My Baby ' the other one is rarer ( I should know bought em direct from label owner in the 80's - He told me only 100 or so pressed of ' That's Love ' £150 minimum  - Will grow in demand eventually as the first 45 has...

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soul source url

Thanks for the info guys.

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