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Prestatyn 2003 Weekender - More Photos added to Gallery


ok just a shout to let people know, that have just added the second of third group of photos from past Prestatyn Weekenders to the gallery
The thinking is that its better to store these in the daylight via the gallery rather than them gathering dust in a corner of a hard drive back up


90 odd  this time and as before need to read the intro below  for the score...

Have just upped some archived photos from Prestatyn 2003 Weekender, they are fairly lo-res as from 2003 but thought worth a add as they maybe of interest for those who went as some do feature past friends , memories etc etc

There's about 90+ this time and while not sure of who took them or captioned them fairly sure they were passed on to me as part of the official Prestatyn website setup

Have upped them 'as is', as they are old photos do ask that if anyone does have any concerns about any of the photos, be it the images, the titles or whatever, then ask  please get in touch asp and let me know so can resolve. 




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