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Horse & Groom, Doncaster (16 June 2019)


When ya look at your playlist a few days after the event in the cold light of day, on paper in black and white, ya suddenly realise all those records you intended to play, you wanted to play but didn't. Oops (hahaha).


Horse & Groom, Doncaster playlist (Sunday 16th June 2019)

The Dramatics “Your love was strange” (Volt 4029) © Oct.1969

Ann Duquesnay “You ain’t woman enough to take my man” (Capitol)

P.J. Smith & Co “Hold on to it” (Shane)

The Impressions “You ought to be in heaven” (ABC)

Stormy “I won’t stop to cry” (Twinight)

Johnny Gilliam “Baby take me back” (Modern)

Scotty Williams “Fear” (Mona-Lee)

Joseph Moore “I still can’t get to you” (Marvlus)

The Chandlers “Your love makes me lonely” (Col Soul)

Buddy Conner “When you’re alone” (Breakthrough)

Earles Inc “Just an illusion” (Zudan)

The Fantastics “Where there’s a will” (Impresario)

Smoke “I’m so glad” (J-Bridge) LP ‘Risin’ ©1976

The Newcomers “The whole world’s a picture show” (Truth) © Oct.1974

Cecil Shaw “This I’ve gotta see” (Bil-Mar) ©1973

Anacostia “What kind of love” (MCA) ©1977

Dorothy Morrison “I can’t go without you” (Brown Door) ©1975

Jacqueline Jones “A frown on my face” (Loadstone) ©1974

Willie Tee “First taste of hurt” (Gatur)

The T.S.U. Toronadoes “What good am I?” (Atlantic)

Maxine Brown “Don’t leave me baby” (Epic) LP ‘Out of Sight’

Annette Poindexter “Wayward Dream” (Twinight)



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