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Jeb Loy Nichols New Album July 5th


Had the below emailed to site, as a chance that it may be interesting to some so here are...



upcoming studio album, June Is Short, July Is Long, from Wales based Wyoming born songsmith Jeb Loy Nichols.

Recorded in Wales with his band, The Westwood All-Stars, his latest album follows in the wake of 2017's Country Hustle. Having reaped praise throughout his recording career - some of which is below;

“The high priest of country cool.” -  Rolling Stone

“Stands alongside Willie Nelson and Tony Joe White.”  - Charlie Gillett

“I like him very much. He’s very special. He’s singing with a voice I never heard before...” - Townes Van Zandt

"This is great.  You're doing now what we were doing back then." -- Spooner Oldham

“Unearthed mine full of gems from inner Wales - a songbook of ideas - that's Jeb!” - Gilles Peterson

Jeb Loy Nichols is an artist who may have a sound steeped in his country and folk origins, but has never allowed genre to be a boundary to his creativity. As a result, his latest record takes his core sound and once again marries it with a wonderful spectrum of sounds.

To be released July 5 2019 via Compass Records, in association with Proper Records, June Is Short, July Is Long. A private stream of the album can be heard here. I am awaiting physical stock, but do let me know if you'd like a copy sent over. It would be great to know your thoughts on the album and if you might consider a review.

Jeb is available for interviews and sessions, do let me know if you might be keen.


“Just keep it simple,” says Jeb Loy Nichols, the Wyoming-born artist and songsmith who’s been putting out his own singular brand of smoky retro soul for over two decades, gathering a fervent cult following along the way.  Having spent brief periods in Missouri, Texas, New York and London, Nichols found his home in a remote small holding in the Welsh hills in the ‘80s. This back-to-basics, rural lifestyle is mirrored in his approach to music and the art that graces his album covers and informs his videos. His eleventh solo release, JUNE IS SHORT, JULY IS LONG, is a cross-genre release that documents his journey from being born and raised in the American Midwest through to his current life in the rolling hills of rural Wales. “It’s full circle,” he says.  “I started off in the Ozark hills and now here I am, in the hills again.”

"I lived in London, I lived in New York. I moved here [Wales] to not be there [USA],” Nichols explains.  “I came here so I could make a certain kind of art and music, so I could write a certain kind of book.”  While his early life experiences have all contributed and shaped his artistry, he was aware that his life choices and setting also acted as a large influence. 

 "If I lived there I would write about there, and there's too much written about there already. I didn't want to be rich or successful or fulfilled or content or admired or loved. I wanted to be here. I wanted to be cold and not cold and lonely and not lonely, happy and not happy." 

His new music is a record of that journey.  Raised on bluegrass and country & western, he discovered southern soul when he was a teenager.  Then it was off to New York and hip-hop, then London and reggae and dancehall.  It was this potent mix of genres – his love of classic American roots music and Jamaican reggae, dub and dancehall, that’s since been his signature. He’s spent the past 25 years making music, of which he smiles and says, “It’s all roots music.  Three chords and a good story.  Don’t overthink it.  Just get in the groove and let it happen.”

JUNE IS SHORT, JULY IS LONG was recorded in Wales with his touring band, The Westwood All-Stars, for an organic, capturing-a-moment feel. “It was all done in five days,” he explains of the album sessions. “ One day setting up, one day learning the songs, three days recording… it was great.  The best music is a conversation, and this was a conversation between old friends.” 

The resulting “musical conversation” has the lived-in, comfortable feel of a classic. It could sit comfortably alongside vintage albums by Ry Cooder or Van Morrison with its stripped down, real deal mix of joy and pain.  “If you keep it simple,” he says, “there’s less to go wrong.”  The resulting collection of songs proves his point.  “You take a little country, some soul, some old friends and few good stories, and what can go wrong?” 

Having established his pinpoint on the musical map in ‘90s trio The Fellow Travellers, Nichols has found himself praised from all corners of the musical world for his consistently stunning solo releases.  With JUNE IS SHORT, JULY IS LONG, he has added another gem to his musical crown.

“I wanted to make the kind of record I grew up with,” Nichols says. “That meeting place of folk, soul and country.”  He looks out across the fields of his Welsh home and says, “the kind of record that feels at home here, that’s rooted in these hills.”

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