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Hardcore Soul - Book


Just stumbled on this recent release

The publication, by Ewen Spencer and Gabber Eleganza with the contribution by the Turner Prize Mark Leckey, creates a seamless flow between what was the Happy Hardcore Rave scene and that of the British Northern Soul weekenders.

A tool for reading today thru the analysis of existing aesthetic and socio-cultural realities, stripped of all rhetoric or nostalgia and revitalized through their fusion. Making you want to turn up the volume and dance, whatever age you are, wherever you come from.
The book will be released on May 16th with a green pvc cover including:
Book 1 – Photo by Ewen Spencer, 80 pages.
Book 2 – Mark Leckey and Ewen Spencer in conversation, 16 pages.



Looks like an interesting book, way I read things is that all of the 500 copies are now old out, that right?

Did anyone indulge and like to pass onto us their view?


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Never got the analogy between NS and Hardcore, where is the soul in Hardcore for a start?  The punters into Hardcore were basically like the divs that flocked to the Casino after TOTP's. They missed out on the early and best days of house and rave and never really got its connection to the soul scene that was already there in there first place. All of the guys that got me into going the Hac ect were ex soulies, the link was far more trasnsparent than the perceived cultural link the author alludes to.

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