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Problem with new DAB+ radio


I've had a Roberts digital radio for years and have been very happy with it. It gives me a wide range of stations although the ones I use most are Radios 4 and 4 extra, LBC, and Radio 2.

When I saw Lidl's were selling a SilverCrest DAB+ radio for just under £35 I bought one. However when I turned it on to see what stations were available there was a strange absence of BBC radio stations. Loads of pop and rock stations, several foreign language stations, but the only BBC ones were Essex and London. LBC was available but no Radio 4, etc. It has an FM option but that was just awful, couldn't hear a thing, just static.

I've looked on the Internet and DAB+ do receive the old DAB signal.

Has anyone got any ideas why these BBC stations aren't available on the new radio?

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Has in come from abroad and been set up with a load of 'presets' that doesn't include the BBC as it's not broadcasting in the country it was made in? Can you reset it or delete any any 'presets' present?

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Posted (edited)

Your radio has only found the local not national transmitter. It should find both. Extend the aerial and relocate the radio before returning.

That radio is not a patch on your Robert's unfortunately.

DAB+ is meaningless as a promise in UK right now, there is only DAB transmitted. Your radio will not be impacted by this at all.  It is the aerial and location and that this will possibly be a weaker receiver overall.

Ruark, Revo, Pure, Robert's, Sonoro etc and even John Lewis own brand are great, plus many others.


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Thanks to you both for replying. I've done a factory reset and can now get the BBC radio stations I normally listen to. The reception seems okay. Now the next thing is to set them up automatically, the booklet isn't that clear but no doubt I'll get there.

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If you do an autotune it should set them up so you can save them as presets. Glad it is working now.

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