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Chris Anderton

Dab of Soul Radio Show 1.7.19-Listen Here!


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1.7.19 Dab of Soul Playlist


Charlie Walker-Still can’t get you into my heart

Four Tops-When tonight meets tomorrow

Buddy Miles-Ms Right

Darrell Banks-The harder you fall

Dramatics-She’s a rainmaker

Artistics-I’m gonna miss you

Bobby Bland-Wouldn’t you rather have me

Tempests-I don’t want to lose you

Honey & the Bees-Together forever

Holland Dozier-If you don’t want to be in my life

4th Kingdon-Gotta get to you

Mel Waiters-How can I get next to you

Brothers of Soul-Try it babe

Leroy Hutson-Get to this you’ll get to me

Vivian Reed-Save your love

Loleata Holloway-I can’t help myself

Jeffree-Love’s gonna last

Ernest Baker-Alone again

Linda Clifford-I can’t let this good thing get away

Denise LaSalle-When we’re making love

General Crook-In the warmth of your arms

Charlie “Cole black” Brown-I just can’t get over you

Walter Jackson-What would you do

Emanons-One heart

Sammy Jones-You got to show me

Pulse-baby I miss you

Freddie Waters-I’m afraid to let you into my life

Papa & the Utopians-Cry  for joy

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