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Deleting an event?



I've inadvertently created an event at the same time as my co-promoter (teamwork eh!)

Can't see where to delete my event - nothing in the edit page?


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7 minutes ago, SoulStu said:


I've inadvertently created an event at the same time as my co-promoter (teamwork eh!)

Can't see where to delete my event - nothing in the edit page?


Hi Stu

its covered in the guidelines that show when you add/edit event under 'cancel'

have posted below

basically just flag the event with right heading  and it will get sorted 👍





[Note: this guide shows to event posters/promoters only! Other members do not see this]

Guidelines that may assist you in running your event listing on the Soul Source Event Guide..

TITLES - Please use A-Z only - for Event Titles. Your event will show in many places so the title MUST be Plain and Simple - The title of the Event Only!

EDIT - Please use the 'Manage Event' link to edit your event details after posting - Such as date, title, content etc

CANCEL - Please use the 'Flag This Event' link to request event removal eg if cancelled etc. Or if you do have any concerns or questions

COMMENTS - Please use the event comments to pass on informative info only - Please do NOT use the comments to bump events up

OTHER SITES - Please only post facebook adverts and/or other 3rd party links in the main event section - not in the comments

CHECK - After posting an event - Please check the event listings and your profile for duplicates! If there are please flag them asp.

NEW FEATURE - Promoters can now use the 'Add Similar Event' feature. This makes adding similar events very easy. The link shows next to the flag/report link on one of your published events

*ONE EVENT ONE ENTRY - We do have a policy of one event guide entry for each event. No repeats or posts or sub-event type entries in other sections please

*LOCAL & INTERNATIONAL GUIDES - These and similar location based guides are automatically generated, ensure your event does have a valid location entered

REVIEWS - No reviews by promoter please' policy. All promoters of events ( inc the event guide posting member) are requested to use the comments rather than the review feature once their event has ended

Soul Source team

If any problems or questions after posting then please use the 'Flag this Event' link to get in touch with the site team

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Cheers Mike, will do it now.

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