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Bridlington Weekender R & B Room 2019

Bridlington Weekender 2019

R & B Room

Played over two sets Fri & Sat night's,in no particular order.......

Allergies-As We Do Our Thing Jalapeno

Karla Denning-I Bear Witness MD Records

Lee Dorsey-Gaitor Tail Poloydor

Mongo Santamaria-We Got Latin Soul Columbia

Pete Rodriguez-I Like It Like That Alegre

Monguito Santamaria-Hey Sister Fania

Los Sonidos De Fm-Los Adolescentes RCA

The Salem Travellers-Wade In The Water Halo

Mitty Collier-Git Out Cadet

Rosco Gordon-You Got My Bait Jomada

Geater Davis-My Love Is So Strong For You House Of Orange

Etta James-Tighten Up Your Own Thing Cadet

R.L Burnside-It's Bad You Know Fat Possum LP

Roger & The Gypsies - Pass The Hatchet Seven B

Vernon and Jewell - That's A Rockin Good Way Kent

Anna Belle Caesar - Little Annie Glad Hamp

Anna Belle Caesar - I've Got My Man Glad-Hamp

O.D. Williams - I'm Moving On Out Of Your Love Bar-Bare

Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Brown Sugar WB

Les McCann-Sad Little Girl Limelight LP

Dickey & Gloria - Mr Clean Diamond

Sonny Rhodes- You Better Stop Galaxy

Grover Mitchell-That's A Good Idea Hunter

Louis Jordan - What I Say TRC

Etta James - Mellow Fellow Argo

Varetta Dillard - That's Why I Cry RCA

Tommy Tucker - Oh What A Feeling UK London

Joe And Ann - Runnin' And Foolin' Hermitage

Tabby Thomas-Popeye Train Excello

Jimmy McCracklin-That's The Way (It Goes) Imperial

Neal Johnson - True To You Baby Specialty

Big Ella -The Queen Rush

Curly Moore-You Don't Mean It Sansu

Gwen Davis - My Man Don't Think I Know Sound Stage 7

Sherri Taylor-He's The One Who Rings My Bell Gloreco

The Kindly Shepherds - Lend Me Your Hand Checker

Sparkles-Try Love (Just One More Time) Old Town

Nappy Brown - Coal Miner Savoy

Eddie Wilson-Toast To The Lady Tollie

Tony Clarke-A Wrong Man MS

Dottie & Millie-Talkin' About My Baby Topper

Merle Spears- I Want To Know Atlantic

Diane Pane-What Side Your Bread Is Buttered Logo

Dorothy Williams-Watchdog Volt

Roy Hamilton - You Shook Me Up RCA

The Invitations - Watch Out Little Girl MGM

Joe Tex-I Wanna Be Free Dial

H B Barnum-It Hurt Too Much To Cry RCA

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Nice sets whatever order you played them...


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