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some northren rare 45's

porgy and the monarchs-my heart cries for you



275 euro


johnny burton-slave girl


vg+ to vg++(drillhole)

250 euro

garrett saunders-a day ore two


vg to vg+(plays great)wol

240 euro

wade flemons-that other place



200 euro

singing sammy ward-hard to get over

renaissance 76

vg+ to vg++

175 euro

sanitones-my kind of love


vg++(tiny sticker)

175 euro

edw hamilton and the arabians-i love you so


vg+(tiny wol)

175 euro

the opals-no no never again

laurie promo

vg++(tiny wol on b side)

175 euro

tommy tate-a lover's reward


vg+ to vg++

150 euro

michael kirkland-the prophet



150 euro

jimmy breedlove-my guardian angel

okeh promo


150 euro

ray pollard-wanderlust

decca promo

130 euro

jb love-then only then

kapp promo

vg to vg+(tiny sticker)

120 euro

billy harner-i've got to check you out


old stock mint


the parakeets-i want you right now

bigtop promo

vg++(tiny sticker)

100 euro

jimmy radcliffe-long after tonight is all over


vg+ to vg++(tiny sticker)

100 euro

eric mercury-love is on our side



75 euro


please mail me ore contact me on fb(heylen mario)

i'm not so regular on the forum here


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